Shim Jin-hwa, “Jung Joo-ri and her husband had a child the day after their fight,” revealing an unusual love story

MBN ‘Blind Tour – As You Wish’

Comedian Shim Jin-Hwa and Jung Ju-Ri engage in a relentless battle to reveal their best friend of 17 years while traveling.

In the 11th episode of MBN’s ‘Blindly Tour – Whatever You Want’ (henceforth ‘whatever you want’), broadcast at 10:20pm on the 10th, tour guides Shin Ae-ra and Park Ha-sun , together with their sixth teammates Shim Jin-hwa, Jung Ju-ri, and intern guide Sung-jong Gangwon-do Yangyang travelogue unfolds.

In a recent recording, Shim Jin-hwa and Jung Ju-ri, as best friends who have been drinking for 17 years, have a naked fight between the couple and color the scene with laughter. First, Shim Jin-hwa said, “I first met Jung Ju-ri in ‘Looks for a Look’, and since then, I have been a ‘brother-in-law’ who has wiped out the ranks of the elderly ever since. and younger children.”

Meanwhile, he blurted out the end of his words, saying, “I met as a couple often, but Joo-ri’s husband did not wash well,” revealing the secret of her friend’s husband. In response, Jung Joo-ri said, “My husband is a ‘dirty sexy’ style” and started wrapping up the family.

However, Shim Jin-hwa continued to reveal further, saying, “Juri-ne is a style that loves when fighting, and when reconciling, a child is born.”

The production team said, “Two people who know each other very well show off-the-cuff talk and chemistry throughout the journey. Jung Joo-ri’s healing journey will bring satisfaction and laughter to those who are borrowed,” he said.

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