JLPGA Fujitsu Ladies 2020
The final total is 7 under par… 23 wins in Japan
JLPGA is the sixth time in history to exceed 1 billion yen in accumulated prize money

‘Golf Empress’ Shin Ji-ae (32) won the championship in three games after returning to Japan.

In the final round of the Japan Women’s Professional Golf (JLPGA) Tour Fujitsu Ladies 2020 held at Tokyu Seven Hundred GC (par 72, 6659 yards) in Chiba Prefecture, Japan on the 18th, Shin Ji-ae tied one birdie and four to write a 3-under-par 69. Shin Ji-ae, who recorded a final total of 7 under par with 209 strokes, struck 2nd place Bae Sun-woo (25) and Ayaka Furu (20) by two strokes to raise the championship cup.

Shin Ji-ae, who added a multiplier after 1 year and 4 months after winning the Earthmondavi Cup held in June last year, won 23 wins in JLPGA. After adding 18 million yen to the championship prize, he recorded a cumulative prize of 1,02.4 million yen, becoming the sixth player in the history of JLPGA to exceed the 1 billion yen cumulative prize.

Shin Ji-ae, who finished the first round with a tie for seventh in the second-under par, started beating from the second round. In the second round, the fourth hole (par 3), when a tee shot with a 7 iron entered the hole cup, he recorded the 12th hole-in-one in his career.

The sharp sense of shot continued on the last day. Shin Ji-ae, who caught the first birdie on the 8th hole (par 3), cut the number of strokes by putting an iron shot close to the pin in the 10th hole (par 5), the 15th hole (par 4) and the 16th hole (par 5). The tee shot on the 17th hole (par 3) missed the green and violated the tee. Shin Ji-ae said, “I was worried about my left wrist, which was injured, but I think I achieved good results because the feeling of shot was alive.”

The Taegeuk attendants achieved good results in this competition. Sun-woo, 26, tied 4 buddies and 2 bogies on this day to reduce 2 strokes and recorded a final total of 5 under par, but could not overcome Shin Ji-ae’s feeling of rising shot. In the Stanley Ladies Golf Tournament held last week, Bae Sun-woo finished second in an overtime match and finished runner-up for two consecutive weeks. Jeon Mi-jeong (38) finished tied for fourth with a total of 4 under par.

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