Shining at the cost of the show, singing Tono, Pakin, Mina, dancing with carabel

It is called a long singing cue for Singer, young actor Tono Phakin Khamvilaisak Especially after a clip of the carabell-filled choreography in the song “Jija” came out until it went viral on social media. The more the Tono band was booked in a longer queue.

latest popular media Thai Rath Entertainment Revealed the cost of singing for Tono and The Dust band for 1 hour as the following price rates

If it is a shop in and around Bangkok, you will have to pay a total salary of 125,000 baht / 1 hour.

If it is in other states, there will be another rate, starting at 130,000 / 1 hour In case of flight, the price in other states does not include the price of flight, accommodation, and 2 vans in the state, but if no state can fly There will be a fee for a van to transport equipment. which is calculated according to the distance of each state

the price may not be fixed There are advantages and disadvantages according to the agreement. and the nature of the work to be hired

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