Shock in Spain: Alex Lequio, son of Spanish actress Ana Obregón and Alessandro Lequio, died at age 27

Alex Lequio Obregón died at age 27 in a hospital in Barcelona where he remained interned for a few weeks to fight against Cancer Who was diagnosed a little over a year ago. His parents Ana Obregón and Alessandro Lequio they remained by his side until his death.

Sources close to the family assure that at the moment they are devastated since, although in recent days the situation of the young man was delicate, they do not expect this fatal outcome.

Ana Obregón has not separated for a moment from her son since the disease was diagnosed and she was by his side throughout the struggle, both in the United States and in Pamplona and Barcelona. The actress left everything to devote all her attention to her son Álex.

The young man's fight had started in 2018.

The young man’s fight had started in 2018.

Álex’s fight began in 2018 with what he seemed, according to his words “a jerk on your back”, which ended up becoming a battle that for seven months would take place in the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

A year and a half ago the family returned to Spain to continue Álex’s treatment here, and in March 2019, without wanting to give more details about the situation, Obregón confessed with relief and almost incredulity that her son’s “nightmare” had ended.

In a 2018 image, during a walk in Central Park. The young man had traveled to New York for treatment.

In a 2018 image, during a walk in Central Park. The young man had traveled to New York for treatment.

The young man, during all this time, continued with the usual rhythm of his professional life (or even more) at the same time as he continued to attend his reviews. The doctors, as he used to say, had given him the “conditional”, but occasionally he had to go through the pits. “He does not stop working, even in hospitals he is on the computer,” his mother commented proudly to “Semana” magazine a few days ago.

Source: ABC.

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