Shohei Ohtani achieved another “big first”.

4th in league wins and ERA, 3rd in strikeouts

Athletics 3-2 Angel (6th time Japan, Oakland)

On the 5th (6th Japan time), Angels pitcher Shohei Otani participated in the Athletics game held in enemy territory at the same time as “No. 3, pitcher and DH”. Although he accomplished the “double rule” for the first regular at-bat and a regular pitching inning, he left with 1 hit and 1 run in the 5th inning, falling short of his 16th win. This day was the last game of the regular season, and the pitching and batting results were confirmed.

Ohtani has started 28 games, the most by a pitcher this season. He threw 166 innings to clear regulation pitching times, 15 wins and 9 losses, a 2.33 ERA, and struck out 219 times, surpassing his first 200 strikeouts. Looking at all American League records, 15 wins and a 2.33 ERA both rank fourth in the league. 219 strikeouts is 3rd in the league, and “SO/9”, which denotes the strikeout rate, is 11.87, which is 1st in the league among those who have reached the prescribed pitching times, and with a record of being high in all. pitching record.

In terms of batting record, he has participated in 157 games as a hitter, and his 34 home runs are fourth in the American League. 90 points tied for 8th in the league, 6 triples for 4th in the league, 95 RBI, 72 walks 7th in the league, .519 slugging percentage, OPS .875 5th in the league, 14 strikeouts 3rd in the league He has a number of successes that put him at the top of the league.

With this pitching record, Ohtani achieved a new “first major” record. According to MLB official Sarah Langs’ Twitter account, he had 219 strikeouts, which is sixth in the majors as a pitcher, and 34 home runs, which is tied for 11th in the majors as a hitter. Top 15 in the majors in its category.”

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