Shohei Ohtani hits in 18 consecutive games, his longest streak, and hits 95 with a devastating double … Losing a bye in 10 innings |

.275 batting average with 1 hit in 4 at bats, 1 RBI and 1 walk

Athletics 5-4 Angel (4th time Japan, Oakland)

Angels pitcher Shohei Otani started the 3rd (4th Japan time) against the Athletics in enemy territory as a “No. In the 5th inning, he hit a double into right center, and had a .275 batting average with 1 hit in 4 at bats, 1 RBI and 1 walk.The team suffered a bye loss, ending their winning streak at seven.

The 5th inning was a painful hit, 1st base, with a 2 point lead. Martinez’s second right-arm, outside-angle sinker was swung. A timely double to cut the right center. The impact speed was as fast as 117.2 miles (about 188.3 kilometers). 95 RBI this season, 100 RBI for the second year in a row, and 5 more.

The number of hits in consecutive games since the game against the Guardians on the 14th (15th) is “18”. It surpassed the 17-game hitting streak recorded in 2016 during the NPB era, and became the longest of his career. On the other hand, he came in a personal worst 20 game 84 times at bat no arc.

In the first inning, he hit first base with one out, first base in the fourth inning, and first base with no outs in the seventh inning. In the 10th inning of the tie, 1st and 2nd base, the game was avoided by avoiding a statement. The team caught up with a two point difference in the 9th inning suffering a bye loss.

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