Single home owners with less than 400 million won can apply for a secured conversion loan from the 6th By Infostock Daily

Single households with less than 400 million won can apply for a loan for safe conversion from the 6th

within the Financial Services Commission. Photo = Financial Services Commission.

[인포스탁데일리=임유진 기자] From the 6th, the recipients of the safe conversion loan, which was previously less than 300 million won, will be expanded to ‘one home owner with less than 400 million won’.

The Financial Services Commission announced on the 4th that it will apply for and receive preferential secured conversion loans from the 6th to the 17th for single home owners whose house price (based on market price) is less than 400 million won.

A favorable type secured conversion loan refers to a loan that converts a variable rate, semi-fixed rate (mixed type) home mortgage loan (principal loan) into a long-term, fixed rate amortizing product.

The bid size is 25 trillion won. You can still apply for less than 3 million won.

Even if you switch to a mortgage loan with a lower interest rate than the secured conversion loan because of a drop in interest rates, you can repay it without paying a prepayment fee.

The application/admission process takes place in ‘5 subsections + α’. It takes place between October 6 and 17 according to the last digit of the year of birth, excluding weekends and holidays. If the last digit is 4·9, you can apply on the 6th, and if it is 5·0, you can apply on the 7th.

The reception desk is different for every existing financial loan organization. The six major banks, KB Kookmin, Shinhan, Woori, Hana, NH Nonghyup, and IBK companies, can apply to the competent bank, and in the case of other banks and secondary financial institutions, apply to the Housing Finance Corporation.

In order to apply for a secured convertible loan, it is essential to compare the interest rate of the loan, which will be changed on the interest rate adjustment date, with the interest rate of the secured convertible loan.

The Financial Services Commission said, “The pros and cons of the loan need to be judged when considering the base rate of the loan and the interest rate adjustment cycle.

If the size of the loan application for a secured conversion loan is less than 25 trillion won, the second step will also be accepted. However, it raises the house price requirement.

The loan interest rate for the secured conversion loan is 3.8% (10 years) to 4.0% (30 years) per annum. In the case of low-income youth (age 39 or younger, income of 60 million or less), a preferential rate of 0.1 percentage point is applied, ranging from 3.7% (10 years) to 3.9% (30 years) per year.

The income requirement is 70 million won or less. You can borrow up to 250 million won from the balance of your current loan.

By Lim Yu-jin, staff reporter [email protected]

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