Soar through the sky with a jetpack! ADV Shooter “Windfolk: Sky is just the Beginning” Steam Version released | Game * Spark

* PS4 version trailer

Fractal Fall and Camera Nest is a shooting adventure”Wind: Sky is just the Beginning]PC (Steam) version released.

This work is a shooting adventure game released for PlayStation 4 abroad in 2021. Players take on the role of Esen, a rebel soldier in the world of Eurasian warfare, and use jetpacks and multiple weapons to fight against the evil coalition to protect the earth .

In the game, in addition to the campaign mode which includes 8 types of stages, the arcade mode is implemented where you can enjoy 7 stages. In addition to Japanese language support, the “Trydian Edition”, which comes with a soundtrack, is being released at the same time.

The PC version of Windfolk: Sky is only the Beginning available on Steam. It’s on sale for 1,188 yen (10% off) until October 4th.

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