SoftBank’s Yuki Yanagida “All the fault is mine” “chivalrous” voice … V-Yu also “did not ask for abortion” of the giant Sakamoto Hayato 180 degrees different “self-awareness as a captain” | Smart FLASH / Smuggler[光文社週刊誌]

Yuki Yanagida, who had dropped his shoulders when he realized he had missed the championship (Photo / Kyodo News)

On October 2, the Pacific League championship battle was stuck until the final 143 games of the season.

As a result, the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, who had achieved the winning magic “1” before the game, lost 3-5 to the Chiba Lotte Marines and could not spend the magic. On the other hand, the ORIX Buffaloes, who beat the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles 5-2, achieved a miraculous come-from-behind victory.

Team captain Yuki Yanagida (33) was very enthusiastic about the last game against Lotte.

The day before, in the game against the Seibu Lions, where the championship would be decided by a win or a tie, Yanagida hit a game-tying solo home run in the final minute in the top of the 9th inning. Then, he acted as a voice in the ring before the game against Lotte and encouraged the team with the following words.

“Last game. Magic is also 1. I think I’ve come this far without removing Magic because I’ve been playing all these tough games. Really, it’s amazing, everyone. Really , if you’ve come this far, you have no choice but to do it, and you’re going to die for 3 hours, let’s do it.

If you don’t do anything, it’s all my fault, so I’ll take responsibility and tear this (captain’s mark) off. Blame it on me I’m going to die! “

In the early stages of this game, Softbank took the lead with home runs by Daiki Mimori (23) and Yanagida, but in the bottom of the 6th inning, Keisuke Izumi (25) hit a three-run home run from behind. , and after that, the lead was taken from him, and 2 The first league title was not in a year.

After the match, Yanagida’s eyes lit up when he learned that Orix had won in another stadium. Yanagida, who had already fallen into the outfield fence during the defense against Rakuten on September 30, had his neck taped for the remaining two games and was covered in cuts. He has been praised for his “captainship”.

“Captain Yanagida’s last voice makes me cry”

“Even the captain can’t say such a thing… It’s too incredible. I can’t blame you if you lose. 》

《At the end of the day, it was a voice that made me think from the bottom of my heart that it was good that this person was the captain. Thank you Yuki Yanagida

The reporter says:

“This season, I was appointed captain for the first time in my life, so surely there is something to be expected. I can only describe it in one word: ‘fantastic.’ There are some players in baseball who cannot be proud of themselves as a captain…”

This season, the Yomiuri Giants sank to the Central League’s B class for the first time in five years. The captain was Hayato Sakamoto (33).

Not only did Sakamoto play in 83 games this season due to injuries, but on September 10th, “abortion trouble” was reported on “Bunshun Online”.

Among them, Sakamoto sent a number of overly strong words to a woman, such as “If you’re going to take him down, you better take him down sooner, right?” Many people must have overlapped with the “sexual abuse report” of the actor Teruyuki Kagawa (56), which was revealed at the same time.

“The Giants took no punishment, and Sakamoto continued to participate. The team also failed to win the final stage of the season, and class B was confirmed for the first time in 16 years.

Sakamoto, who showed his irresponsibility in his personal life despite his achievements, and Yanagida, who showed not only his results but also his fighting spirit, are very different in their self-awareness. Before next spring’s WBC, I think my position as ‘Japanese baseball world captain’ will change.”

Sakamoto and Yanagida are the same age, but their evaluation seems to be split 180 degrees in the look they showed at the end of the season.


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