“Sombob” warns to cope with the global recession with the opportunity of Thailand crisis year 66

  • Worried about the year 66 world recession

Associate Professor Dr Somphop reiterated that from now on, apart from Thailand having to maintain a good balance in terms of relations with China and the United States, in 2023, he would like to point out what must be careful . The world economy will be very volatile in many aspects. and willVolatility over the last 2 years like Exchange rate inflation ainterest rateto continue to fluctuate up and down It will all become economic risks until then.to the world economic recession (Recession)can

But at the same time, it was a year of beinga chance fromThe tourism sector gradually recovered. Every country can better deal with the COVID crisis. open up more countries In terms of foreign investment, there will be more expansion in the world market. especially ThailandWe must speed up to attract new investments from China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, especially China and Japan. to invest more abroad to reduce rising costs In particular, China must come out and establish more production centers outside the home. to reduce sanctions from opponents If you invest in Thailand or ASEAN, it means that the product comes from outside China, etc.

For the upcoming year 2022 China’s GDP growth forecast is expected to fall to 3.5% compared to the previous year’s growth of 5-6% as a result of two main variables, the worsening global economy . And many countries have to lock down from the Covid crisis, butForecast for 2023, China’s GDP should grow better. It will expand by about 4.5% The world is starting to become more normal. Thailand will also benefit. But if the world does not face risks until the recession of the world economy China’s GDP should grow more than 5%.

  • Thailand faces both risks and opportunities

forThailand year 2023 he will face bothrisks and opportunities especially the opportunities that come from external factors. from the tourism sector Tourists are starting to come back. Thailand must hurry to introduce new measures to improve tourism. In addition, from Thailand that is ready for such an investment in the arenaAPEC meeting A good knowledge of public relations on tourism, investment and trade must be made. by preparing for the law and regulations that allow 21 economic zonesattend the meeting to acknowledge the information

Of the 21 economic zones of APEC GDP size accounts for 60% of the world and market value of foreign trade accounts for 50% of the world with a combined population of about 40% of the world (world population is 7.9 billion) In 2023, it will grow by 4%, with the main benefit coming from the tourism sector. and of investment

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