“Song Jia’s chest only has blood bruises”… ‘Single Mom’ Park Yeon-soo, complains about injustice

(Export News Reporter Kim Ye-na) Actress Park Yeon-soo was angry about what happened to her daughter Song Ji-ah.

Park Yeon-soo posted on her Instagram on the 3rd, “It hurts so much, but I want to laugh. Because this is our life too.”

He said, “After filming in Australia, I thought it was because the environment was good there to ask me not to go golfing, but it’s good that nobody knows me, and it’s good that I don’t see myself wearing sunglasses. There’s just an average 16-year-old girl.” .

He continued, “I taught him to smile politely even when he was angry while playing golf, and he taught me to be more humble, to always look after those around me, and to be polite, but my a girl, who wants to live quietly. life, makes others laugh and she only has bruises in her chest.”

In addition, Park Yeon-soo said, “Even if our parents who have nothing to do gnaw at us with unimaginable words, we have been walking hard on our own path. I was think we should ignore it. Because we don’t want to be the same person.”

He also warned, “I want to ask how polite and wonderful you guys are. This is the first time this has happened to me in 3 years, so I just passed it, but I will never pass it next time.”

Then he added, “I’ll definitely be watching you guys. I’ll do my best to tell everyone to watch every game. If you see any dishonest behavior, call a member of the competition committee on the spot. Common sense is that

Meanwhile, Park Yeon-soo is raising her daughter Song Ji-ah and son Song Ji-wook alone after a divorce.

Photo = Park Yeon-soo’s Instagram

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