Sony registers a new patent for PlayStation VR, new model?

It has been a long time between us, and you bet like the recent Half-Life: Alyx or next Star Wars: Squadrons, make it very clear that it is a technology that is here to stay. VR, Virtual Reality, is one of the subjects that Sony wants to pass with grade in the new generation. The company has already launched into the arena with PlayStation VRbut now I could keep turning the nut with a new model of PSVR 2. A signature patent returns to give us clues about it.

For a long time, it is considered that the company could evolve this technology with a new model that, in addition, take advantage of the benefits of PlayStation 5. With a new generation in between, and a huge leap in both technical and qualitative and quantitative terms, better conditions could be created to achieve much more complete and immersive experiences in virtual reality. Therefore, the patent that appears in World Intellectual Property Organization It is a good clue that they are not going to hit the brakes.

PSVR Patent

You cannot see a new form factor in the image that appears in the registry and, due to the details it shows, the system follows the same pattern as the current one. However, it is clear that Sony is going to follow the path of virtual reality with its own device. In fact, long ago there was talk of the possibility of a new model of PlayStation VR that would fit better with the new PS5.

It remains to be seen what exactly Sony’s step is. You could stay a while with the current hardware to take advantage of the benefits of the new console, or directly launch another new VR headset with higher resolution and better recognition system. We will have to wait to see the strategy of the Japanese firm, although it is a matter of time before a new PSVR2 next-gen is announced.

PlayStation 5, will you also bet on Virtual Reality?

Power and the specs of ps5 give you more than enough strength to get better VR titles. Games like Resident Evil Village they aim to take advantage of this technology as did Resident Evil VII, one of the best Terror VR games you can find today. With that option in mind, and also paying attention to how Marvel’s Iron-Man VR is going to take us to an experience entirely in virtual reality, it is expected that Sony will continue betting on this technology with its new console.

It is a matter of time that the company also begins to launch VR titles as part of the PlayStation 5 catalog. Of course, its main focus will continue to be experiences like Spider-Man: Miles Morales or the spectacular Horizon: Forbidden West, but the margin for virtual reality may be even greater, since the limitations are much smaller. Will we see any of the exclusive PS5 first parties with next-generation VR features?

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