Sor Banc rises to the mountain stage 2 on two wheels a long distance journey from Iran

“Sek. Ink” General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand Revealed Under the Royal Patronage that according to the Cycling Sports Association Send athletes from the professional team “Thailand Continental Cycling Team” to participate in the long-distance cycling event ” Tour of Iran 2022″ at UCI 2.1 level between 29 September and 3 October in Iran. Which is a list of accumulated points selected for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France, recently received a report from “Coach Tam” Wisut Kasiyapat, head coach that the Thai professional team cyclist did a great job

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General Decha went on to say that For the race in Stage 1 on 29 September, the distance of 158.3 km “Matum” Mr Peeraphon, a native of Xiengkhouang Sprint came to the finish line and took 3rd place with a time of 3.25.25 Hour As for the stage champion, Gianni Marchand, Belgian rider from Team Tarteletto-Isorax, clocked at 3.25.24 hours, defeating Peerapol by only 1 second and position. 2 belonged to Muhammad Noor Aiman​​​​ Mohammad Zarief, Malaysian cyclist. From the Terengganu Polygon team, the time is 3.25.25 hours, equal to Peerapol. while the results of the team category, 1st place, Team Tarteletto-Isorax at 10.18.00 hours, 2nd place, Team BikeAid from Germany, former champion of the Tour of Thailand 2021 time 10.18.01 hours and 3rd place, Team Thailand Continental Cycling Team, time 10.18.01 hours, only 1 second from the Tarteletto-Isorax team.

“Seth Ink” also said, as for the second stage of the race on September 30, a distance of 148 km, it seems that “Frame” Sor Sor. Chaiyasombat Bank escaped alone from the group and trailed up to 18 km. . Before going on to win the King of the Mountain (KOM) championship, the polka dot shirt won Stage 2, with 6 points equal to Muhammad Noor Aiman ​​​​​​Mohammad Zarif from the Terengganu team. But more difficult is the difficulty of riding up the hill (Cat) of the bank. while the stage champion was Lucas Karstensen, a German cyclist from the BikeAid team, in 3.21.29 hours, while a Thai Continental Cycling Team rider won The best places were Bank in 19th, Peeraphon, a native of Chiangkwang, 23rd, and Lt.Sarawut Sirinachai , 24th, with a time of 3.21.29 hours equal to the champion. due to spinning into a large group

The total leading time was Gianni Marchand of Team Tarteletto-Isorax at 6.46.51 hours, 2nd place Hamad Noor Aiman ​​​​​​Mohammad Zarif of Team Trang Noah time 6.46.58 hours, 3rd place, Mr Peeraphon, Chiang Kwang people from Wlad Continental Cycling Houses Team time 6.46.59 hours for the team type time, 1st place, Team Tarteletto – Isorax time 20.22.57 hours, 2nd place Bike Support Team from Germany time 20.22.58 hours and 3rd place Continental Cycling Team Country Thai Team time 20.22. 58 hours

On the side of “Coach Tam” Wisut Kasiyapat, the head coach revealed that the match in Stage 2 was fun to fight. Due to the moment the sprint crosses the finish line, 40-50 riders enter a large group, while the Thai riders lose a bit of rhythm, especially Sarawut, who is driven by competitors speeding up the sprint to the front of the line. But overall, we’re still doing a good job. Also, in Phase 2, I still don’t want the athletes to overdo it. Because you have to maintain your physical condition to fight in the next stage because it is a very heavy game. The 2nd stage is 188 km long and the 3rd stage distance is 196 km which is about 25% of the way up the mountain in both stages.

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