South Korea-US-Japan security chiefs make big fuss over North Korea’s IRBM launch… decisive response

Kim Seong-han, the chief of staff, had phone calls with Sullivan from the United States and Akiba from Japan, respectively.

The national security advisers of South Korea, the United States and Japan reaffirmed the principle of a decisive response in relation to North Korea’s intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) launch on the 4th.

Kim Seong-han, director of the National Security Bureau, said in a telephone conversation with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Japan’s National Security Director Takeo Akiva this morning, assessing North Korea’s ballistic missile launch and discussing future countermeasures. , said in this briefing.

“The security chiefs of South Korea, the United States and Japan shared the view that the launch of medium-range ballistic missiles by North Korea is a serious provocation that threatens peace and stability not only on the Korean Peninsula, but also in Northeast Asia and peace and international peace. stability, as well as a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions,” said Lee, deputy spokesperson.

The heads of the security bureaus of the three countries decided to respond firmly to North Korea’s frequent provocations through close cooperation between the ROK and the United States and South Korea, the United States and Japan, while strengthening cooperation with the international community to explore various measures prevent against North Korea.

Earlier, in a statement on behalf of a spokesman for the White House NSC, the White House NSC said in a statement on behalf of a spokesman, “Help Sullivan reaffirm the firm commitment of the United States to Japan and South Korea,” said Sullivan, who spoke with Kim Seong -han, director of the National Security Office, and Akiba, respectively.

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