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where is the earth in the universe “the story of the universe” is recommended for such people!

There has been a lot of news about space recently. Observational technology has advanced, and our understanding of the universe has advanced to a level that was unimaginable just a decade ago. Even if you are interested in such news, the books dealing with space are all dense and difficult books.

This book, “Illustrated Story of the Universe, So Interesting That You Can’t Sleep” is intended for those who have given up learning about the universe. Based on the latest state of astronomy and space science, we will boldly strip away the details, focus on interesting themes, and use an abundance of illustrations to convey the latest state of the universe to our readers!

From the birth of the earth where we live, the mysteries of the next heavenly body, the moon, the sun that gives us blessings, and the true face of the planets that are companions of the earth, the stars that form the constellations and the Milky Way Galaxy (galaxy), galaxy, And there are about 50 topics, including cosmology, covering almost every field of astronomy, and explaining the latest appearance of the universe in an easy to understand way!

The readability of the “Illustrated Series”, which has exceeded a total of 2.2 million copies

The illustrated series has text on the right and illustrations on the left, making it easy to understand even for those who are not good at reading books.


The illustrated series includes not only health and practical themes, but also educational themes that are perfect for adults to relearn. Take it in your hand and look at it!

Deliver some of the content you care about ①! “What would happen to the earth if there was no moon?”

The Earth and the Moon are believed to be the only planets and moons in the solar system that interact so much with each other. Without such a moon, there is a possibility that the earth would not be the “life planet” it is today, not to mention the high and low tides of the ocean.

For example, tidal forces on the moon slow down the rotation of the earth. If it weren’t for the moon, the earth would rotate at a breakneck speed of 8 hours a day.

If that were true, the surface of the earth and the sea would have been in a state of turmoil, and even if life had been born, it would not have been possible to expect the evolution of mankind today.

Without the moon, the Earth’s axis of rotation would have shifted irregularly, and large-scale climate change would have occurred. In this way, it is believed that the moon, the only satellite, led to the birth of life on earth.


Deliver some of the content you care about ②! “Is it true that the expansion of the universe is accelerating?”

In the 1920s, it became clear that the universe was expanding. It was thought that the expansion would eventually slow down and eventually shrink. However, in 1998. I made an amazing discovery. The idea was that the expansion of the universe was speeding up, not slowing down.

Based on various observational results, it is believed that dark energy exists about 18 times more than ordinary substances such as hydrogen and helium, and about three times more than dark matter, but much is still unknown. However, there is no doubt that this dark energy has something to do with the future of the expanding universe.

the future of the universe

Learn more about the latest appearance of the universe

★Where is the earth in the universe?
★ Is it true that the whole earth is covered in ice?
★ Discover the closest “terrestrial planet” to the solar system!
★Is there water in the “Lunar Sea”?

And so on, there are many interesting titles!

In addition, we present the latest information as “Latest Space Topics”!

How was it? When you pick up and read this book, Illustrated Story of the Universe, which will make you sleepless, you will not only learn about the latest in space, but also learn about the excitement and charm of astronomy that continuously develop. becomes familiar with the universe, which is still full of mysteries.

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“An illustrated story from the universe so fascinating you can’t sleep”
Supervisor: Junichi Watanabe

where is the earth in the universe Is it true that the sun is getting bigger? How many universes are there? An immediate response to a naïve gimon. Approaching the mystery of the universe! Based on the latest astronomy, space physics, and planetary science, it explains the history of the earth, the mysteries of the nearby celestial bodies and the moon, the true face of the sun and planets, fixed stars and galaxies, and cosmology. With abundant illustrations and around 50 themes, you can easily understand the newest appearance of the universe, full of dreams and romance. From the mystery of the solar system to the latest cosmological theory, we will explain the wonders of the universe!

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