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This week at Nakayama RacecourseS. Skippers(turf 1200m) is held.

The GI turf sprint is only held twice a year. The absence of last year’s champion Pixie Knight is unfortunate, but the Mile horse GIschnellmeisterIt is an impression that the participation of the 6 furlong Dengeki race is colored.

Based on the keywords that emerged from the data analysis of the last 10 years, we will sort out the top horse and draft horse candidates.

◆[Rhagfynegiadau Sprinters 2022/Diagnosis Dal i Fyny]Top grade “S” surpassing Meikeyer “Both mentally and physically sharpened”

■ Lots of “0% data” weighing on Meikei Yell

Finished 4th in this race last year. From there, he began to see the race run with common sense, and after that, he took revenge by accumulating three graded victories.Meikayale. The 4-year-old filly, who ran through the Century Stakes in the early autumn race with a record, seems to have no blind spot, but this time the negative data continued.

・ GI Score[]
・ The results of the second round of hitting[]

In both cases, the rate in the betting ticket is 0%. Since the beginning of the year, the rotation has been limited to the anti-clockwise rotation, and it has been a long time since the clockwise rotation. It cannot be said with certainty that the bad habit that tormented the horse at the age of three will not happen again when it changes to clockwise rotation.

His record-winning performance in the previous run was perfect, but it can also be said that the horse’s habit was not motivated by his high speed, which would set a record if reversed. Due to these various unsettling factors, the situation is that a yellow light is illuminated on the long-lasting GI conquest on the data.

■ “53 kg filly in previous race with handicap” boosts Namrakurea

After the summer, cut the key to the sprint track and secure the 1.3rd place and the betting ticket. To face this step bravelyNamrakureain. This time, in addition to the inexperienced Nakayama, there are quite a few issues with the steep slope course that he has not won yet, but the experience of the previous race, Kitakyushu Kinen, will be a big advantage.

・ The performance of the next race of a mare that carried 53 kg in the old heavy handicap prize at 3 years old (June-September)[]

This data refers to the year 2000 onwards. The Kitakyushu Kinen Aston Marchan 2007 with a weight of 53 kg, and Keisei Hai AH Albiano 2015 with a weight of 53 kg. Although out of the betting ticket in the respective races, the former won the Sprinter Stakes and the latter won the Swan Stakes in the next running.

On the slope in the middle, the acceleration lap marked 49 seconds for the 4F, and the preparations for the big stage were complete. There is a good chance that Shun Hamanaka will win the GI title with the son of Mickey Isle, whom he has a great affection for.

◆[Rhagolwg Sprinters Stakes 2022 / Data Strategy-Rhan 2]The percentage in the betting ticket is greater than “85%” in the hide which continues in the order of the shutter digits.

◆[Rhagfynegiad Sprinters Stakes 2022 / Ceffylau Poblogaidd Peryglus]Popular graded horses are evaluated as “eliminated” Good sprint games also have a “1F final wall”

◆[Rhagolwg Sprinters Stakes 2022 / Tuedd Pedigri]Matches the single return value “437” with the conditions met What is the expected “10 popularity” Anuma?

▼ horse racing storyteller Motonari Tahara from TV graded analysis “2022 Sprinters Stakes-Data Analysis Edition”

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