stampede! Pump flooded, explosion sounds. Gas leaking, rush to control, notify villagers to evacuate

Pump flood two gas tanks floating up from the burial area. The gas leaked and exploded. Many agencies have accelerated management. inform the migrant villagers

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On October 4, 65, a Civil Defense Volunteer in the Administrative Organization of Ko Ko Sub-district Mr. Boonchuay Lakchookiat Reporting the LPG gas pump incident, Ko Ko Subdistrict, Mueang District, Surin Province, was flooded with a distance of more than 300 meters, all kinds of vehicles could not pass and there was a loud explosion. LPG gas was coming out. With a foul smell of gas, he coordinated with the Ko Ko Subdistrict Administrative Organization Rescue Center to acquaintances and staff. The station was notified to help people who were flooded near the Takhian intersection, Ko Kho Subdistrict, to come and help stop more spills. and can cause a fire. it will be dangerous with people who have houses near the pump

Rescue workers from the Ko Ko Sub-District Administrative Organization, along with rescue agencies including the police, soldiers and other agencies, are wading through 50-80 centimeters of flood water to help close the valves of two large LPG tanks. It can be safely packed in 1000 liters per drum. inside the pump is flooding 20-30 centimeters high, the water has flooded the area inside the pump longer a week ago

A worker at the incident said: A large gas tank buried underground. floated up from the burial ground due to the flood for many days Make the joints between the gas tanks to be delivered to the distributor in the distributor. break apart make an explosion sound A lot of gas came out. The pump workers helped close the gas supply valve. and it does not cause sparks at different points within the pump for safety Until a rescuer came to help extract and close the gas tank. as well as spraying water to extract the gas tank all the time

while Mr. Prapas Srichandwieng Sheriff Muang Surin When traveling to the gas pump area at the scene of the accident, and encouraged Ms. Tida Chanthinmathorn, Chief Minister of Ko Ko Sub-District Administrative Organization, to warn people near the gas station to be careful about the safety of life and property of the people, ready to evacuate and be careful when using it. Fire in this period because gas may come out To check safety because it was also found In this area, many of the people’s houses were flooded.

Boonchuay Lakchookiat, a member of the Civil Defense Administrative Organization of the Ko Ko Sub-District Administrative Organization, who was the first witness said he heard a very loud explosion. So let’s look at the gas pump. He looked over and saw a large amount of gas gushing out. Received radio communications to inform disaster prevention, Ko Ko Subdistrict Administrative Organization and staff to help people in floods at Takhian Intersection. Let’s help extract the gas from spreading further. Ready to inform the people of the village to be careful of sparks. in the vicinity of the pump

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