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After multiple postponements, the portages PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch of Star Wars Episode 1 : Racer, produced by the company Aspyr Media, we finally arrived on June 23. Originally developed in 1999, the title will take you back to one of the most famous moments of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace : the course of modules. And to accompany this outing, it will be no less than 30 trophies (which you will be able to discover below) who will join you! In addition, you can also find these in our complete solution for Star Wars Episode 1: Racer.

Star Wars Episode I Racer: all trophies

Find below the complete list of the 30 trophies that will accompany you (15 bronze, 8 silver, 6 gold and 1 platinum). If you wish to discover them for yourself, we do not recommend consulting this news.

bronze trophies (15)

  • Start your engines!

    Complete the amateur racing module circuit

  • Don’t grab the big head, little guy

    Complete the semi-pro racing module circuit

  • This is module racing!

    Finish your first race

  • Speed ​​of light

    Reach 700 mph

  • May the force be with you

    Finish first

  • Count on it, slug!

    Provoke your opponents

  • It’s a new record

    Setting a new record

  • Your mental thing, it doesn’t work

    Buy your first improvement

  • Cold!

    Make a quick start

  • A chair from a widow

    Hit 10 enemies with Sebulba’s weapon

  • On target

    Unlock Navior Bullseye

  • Be careful not to slip

    Unlock Slide Paramita

  • Beedo’s crazy race

    Detriller Aldar Beedo

  • A little bit of caution

    Déverrouiller Bozzie Baranta

silver trophies (8)

  • From Oovo IV to Tatooine

    Complete the galactic race module circuit

  • Everything is in Devlikk

    Unlock Wan Sandage

  • Brake control

    Unlock Teemto Pagalies

  • Cell runner

    Unlock Fud Sang

  • Taste my exhaust

    Provoke during a boost

  • Favorite of the day

    Unlock Sebulba

  • Serv-O-Droid, Inc.

    Optimize your team of mechanic droids

  • A particularly dangerous Dug

    Win a race with Sebulba

gold trophies (6)

  • Invitation accepted

    Complete the circuit of racing modules by invitation

  • Kessel Pass

    Reach 1000 mph

  • The fastest pilot in the galaxy

    Finish all races in first place

  • You came, you took a look, you bought

    Buy all the best improvements

  • It works ! It works !!

    When playing with Anakin, fix your engines from “danger” to stable

  • Left … uh no, right!

    Finish a race in mirror mode

platinum trophy

  • This is module racing!

    Win all trophies

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