Storm and thunder!! The tree fell on the car in the Chulalongkorn University parking lot

In the evening on October 7, 65 reporters reported that a thunderstorm and strong winds in several areas of Bangkok for hours At the same time, reporters received reports that a tree fell on the car and damaged the interior of Chulalongkorn University .

The scene of the accident was a parking lot next to Chamchuri building 6, near the fence next to Phayathai Road. A silver Toyota Vios car, registered in Bangkok, was found when a large tree, at least 10 meters high, fell on top of the car until the roof collapsed. Private taxis are also available. Green, yellow, Bangkok registration, crushed by a tree, damaged in the left rear of the car. Officers used a chainsaw to cut the tree into pieces. Before using a forklift to move the logs out of the area.

When asked the taxi driver told the incident that At the time of the accident, he parked the car to pick up his girlfriend who works at the university. During that time, it was raining heavily, so he sat in the car to hide from the rain. During that time, he heard the sound of something heavy falling on the car with a loud “thump”, so he hurriedly opened the car door to look. discovered that a large tree had fallen on top of the car Fortunately, there was a car next to him that was affected first, otherwise he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sit and talk like this.

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