Strengthening policy cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises… Meeting with the Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises and Start-ups

On the 24th (local time), Small and Medium Business Minister Lee Young visited the SBA (Small and Medium Business Administration) in Washington DC, USA, and said he met with SBA Director Isabella Casillas Guzman.

Minister Lee shared the SME policies of both countries with Director Guzman and agreed that a joint response to the changing environment such as the digital transformation of small and medium businesses and carbon neutrality is needed.

We also discussed the expansion of early stage companies abroad.

At the meeting, Minister Lee presented examples of cooperation between early domestic startups and American companies such as Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and emphasized that such a win-win model should be spread.

In addition, Minister Lee asked early stage startups in the US to participate in ‘COMEUP’, the largest event in the Korean venture industry to be held in November.

Minister Lee and Director Guzman have decided to open a consultation channel so that the interview can be made into real results.

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