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Study reveals new details on corona transmission

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The corona virus has spread worldwide within a short time. A new study now shows how fast and how the transmission takes place. All information in the news blog.

There are already over 4.3 million people worldwide using the Corona virus infected, more than 295,000 people died. In Germany there are over 7,800 fatalities. However, many countries around the world have started to gradually loosen restrictions to combat Covid-19. New studies provide insights into the spread of the virus.

Study: Speaking loudly distributes thousands of corona microdroplets in a few minutes

According to a new study, the corona virus could possibly be transmitted primarily when speaking. As the study published on Wednesday in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America” ​​(PNAS) shows, microdroplets expelled when speaking can remain in the air for more than ten minutes in a closed room.

For the study, the researchers at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) had a test person repeat the phrase “Stay healthy” in an enclosed room for 25 seconds. A laser projected into the room illuminated the droplets, which made them visible and countable. On average, the droplets stayed in the air for twelve minutes.

Given the known concentration of the Corona virus In saliva, the scientists believe that every minute of speaking aloud can produce more than a thousand droplets contaminated with viruses that remain in the air for eight minutes or more in a closed room. The same researchers observed in a study published in April that speaking more quietly produced fewer droplets. If the extent of the risk of infection is confirmed by speaking, this could explain the rapid spread of the virus and at the same time scientifically support recommendations in many countries for wearing face masks.

Man without protective mask spits on saleswoman

In a shoe store in Crailsheim (Schwäbisch Hall district), a customer without a protective mask spat on a saleswoman. The 24-year-old entered the shop without mouth and nose protection, the police said on Thursday. Despite several requests from the seller, he did not put on a mask. Instead, he spat on the floor and then the 20-year-old woman. He is now awaiting notification of a violation of applicable corona regulations, trespassing and bodily harm. Nevertheless, he entered a hardware store again on the same day without a mask.

WHO: Coronavirus may never go away

The emergency response coordinator of the World Health Organization (WHO) is skeptical that the new corona virus can still be eliminated after the rapid spread around the globe. “This virus can become native to the population, and it may never go away,” said Michael Ryan in Geneva on Wednesday night.

HIV, the virus that triggers the immune deficiency disease, has never disappeared again. In the case of HIV, the world has managed to create medicines and preventive measures so that the virus has lost its horror. “I don’t want to compare the diseases, but we have to be realistic, said Ryan.

There is a small chance of eradicating the new Sars-CoV-2 virus. For this, a highly effective vaccine had to be found, it had to be manufactured to a sufficient extent and distributed all over the world, and people had to agree to be vaccinated. “Each of these steps is challenging,” said Ryan. He criticized the widespread skepticism about vaccinations and the lack of funds for good health systems in many parts of the world.

Health Minister Spahn sticks to immunity card

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) continues to see the need for an immunity card in spite of the SPD resistance in the Corona crisis. Other countries were already planning to make entry dependent on such proof, Spahn told the editorial network Germany (Thursday editions). “So we will have to continue to deal with the topic.” The solution could not be that Germans “can no longer travel to countries planning such regulations”.

People who have survived the lung disease Covid-19 caused by the novel coronavirus should be able to prove this with the ID card. The introduction of the ID was originally planned as part of the new Infection Protection Act, which the Bundestag is due to pass this Thursday. However, due to opposition from the Social Democrats, the project had been temporarily suspended. The SPD warns of a division of society through the ID card.

Spahn said it was right to delete the project from the current express law. There is “understandable criticism” that shows him: “We need more time as a society to debate this topic”. That is why he asked the Ethics Council for an opinion.

Trump’s advertised test may be prone to error

A quick test for coronavirus, touted by US President Donald Trump, may have a very high error rate. According to a study published by the NYU Lagone Health research center in New York on Wednesday, negative results of the test are unreliable in almost half of the cases. Trump has repeatedly praised Abbott Laboratories’ test. The test is also used in the White House itself. The test provides positive results in five minutes and negative results in 13 minutes.

According to NYU Lagone Health researchers, 48 ​​percent of the negative test results were unreliable if the swab used for the smear was dry – a dry swab is recommended by Abbott. If the stick was stored in liquid, about a third of the negative results were incorrect. So far, the study has only been published provisionally. It has yet to be cross-checked by other researchers.

Abbott rejected the results of the investigation. The company has distributed more than 1.8 million of the tests and received feedback on incorrect negative results at only 0.02 percent, said a company spokesman. Another study by the University of Detroit said he found the test to be 98 percent reliable.

Corona test in New York (symbol image): A new study on rapid tests in the USA points to a high error rate. (Source: AP / dpa / Mary Altaffer)Corona test in New York (symbol image): A new study on rapid tests in the USA points to a high error rate. (Source: Mary Altaffer / AP / dpa)

Spahn continues to believe that proof of immunity is necessary

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) continues to believe that the introduction of an immunity card is necessary in spite of the SPD resistance. Other countries were already planning to make entry dependent on such proof, Spahn told the editorial network Germany. “So we will have to continue to deal with the topic.” The solution could not be that Germans “can no longer travel to countries planning such regulations”.

EPP boss Weber demands “Europe-wide travel certificate”

The leader of the Christian Democrats in the European Parliament (EPP), Manfred Weber, has called for EU-wide standards for hotels and restaurants in the debate about border openings in the Corona crisis. “We need a Europe-wide travel certificate,” Weber told the “Passauer Neue Presse”. This is the only way to ensure that tourists find the necessary hygiene standards.

Principles that were important before the crisis would have to be maintained in the planned border openings, Weber said. “European freedom to travel is a valuable asset, it is a fundamental right for all Europeans.” In this regard, there should also be no “bilateral agreements”. “If you want to separate our continent into first and second class Europeans, you are ultimately putting Europe’s unity at risk.”

Seehofer: If there are too many new infections, borders have to be closed again

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has warned that if there is a significant increase in new corona infections, the border openings that have just been decided must be withdrawn. “If the infection remains as cheap or becomes even cheaper, we will end the border controls on June 15,” said Seehofer on Wednesday evening on the ARD program “maischberger. Die woche”. However, if the infections increased significantly, the loosening would have to be withdrawn again.

“If the infection process slips away from us, if there are more than 50 infections per 100,000 in seven days, if something like this should occur in the border area, then we have to talk to our neighbors,” said Seehofer. Germany is not an island and in this case the easing of border controls would have to be withdrawn. This would be “in perfect agreement with our neighbors,” said Seehofer.

Horst Seehofer: The Interior Minister does not rule out the possibility of the borders being closed again. (Source: dpa / Hannibal Hanschke / Pool / Reuters / dpa)Horst Seehofer: The Interior Minister does not rule out the possibility of the borders being closed again.

Spain: Apparently ten times as many infected people as previously known

In Spain, a study suggests that 2.3 million people, ten times more than officially known, are infected with the virus. According to the Ministry of Health, 90,000 people were tested in 36,000 households during the survey. It has been shown that an estimated five percent of the population is infected, which means around 2.3 million of the 45 million inhabitants. According to official information, there are a little less than 230,000 cases of Covid 19 in Spain.

Researchers around the world are currently looking for a vaccine against the coronavirus. (Icon image) (Source: imago images)Researchers around the world are currently looking for a vaccine against the coronavirus. (Icon image) (Source: imago images)

Elephant lady travels from Argentina to Brazil despite corona restrictions

Despite the corona restrictions, an elderly elephant lady traveled from Argentina to Brazil, where she is supposed to spend the rest of her days. The estimated 50-year-old Mara arrived on Wednesday after a four-day trip to an elephant reserve in the Brazilian state of Matto Grosso, as the operators of the protected area announced on the Facebook online network. There the Asian elephant lady first took a water and mud bath to relax.

Because of the pandemic, Mara’s transport in the container had been carried out under particularly strict protective measures to protect the animal and the accompanying personnel from infection. In the park within the Chapada dos Guimarães plateau, the five-and-a-half-ton Mara will have significantly more space than in the relatively small eco-park in Buenos Aires, where she had lived for the past 15 years.

The reserve in the Chapada dos Guimarães is 1,133 hectares. The elephant sanctuary was founded four years ago with financial support from the U.S. organization Global Sanctuary for Elephants and is the only one of its kind in Latin America. In her new home, Mara will live with three of her kind. Mara was born in India and had to work as a circus animal in her younger years.

China reports three new infections

China reports three new cases of coronavirus, seven days earlier. All new infections have been transmitted locally – two in the northeastern province of Liaoning and one in the province of Jilin, the country’s health commissions said. According to official figures, the total number of people infected with the virus is now 82,929, and the death toll remains unchanged at 4,633.

Paul Ehrlich Institute expects the first vaccine candidates at the end of 2020

The president of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, responsible for the approval of medicines, Klaus Cichutek, is confident that until the end of the year there will be concrete talk about the approval of a vaccine. “I assume that there will be three more clinical trials of vaccine candidates in Germany,” said Cichutek in an interview with the newspaper “Mannheimer Morgen”.

As of autumn, tests on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine could already be carried out. “If all of these clinical trials are positive, we’ll talk about how to get approved in the end of this year or early next year.” In the meantime, we needed other measures to suppress the pandemic and could review more therapies, says Cichutek. As an example, the biochemist mentions the treatment with blood plasma recovered Covid-19 patients who contained antibodies against the virus.

USA call for schools to open in the fall

According to President Donald Trump, schools and universities in the US should reopen for classes in the fall, despite the coronavirus pandemic. The new school year should start as planned, especially since the corona virus has “very little effect” on younger people, Trump said on Wednesday evening (local time) in the White House. The decision to relax the corona requirements lies with the governors of the 50 states, but schools are important, Trump said. “A state is not open if the schools are not open,” he said.

Trump rejects Fauci’s warnings as “unjustifiable”

US President Donald Trump considers the warnings of health expert and consultant Anthony Fauci about the risks of the economy reopening too quickly as “unacceptable”. “For me, it’s not a viable solution,” Trump told White House reporters. Read more here.

Donald Trump: The US President wants the US economy to open quickly. (Source: AP / dpa / Evan Vucci)Donald Trump: The US President wants the US economy to open quickly. (Source: Evan Vucci / AP / dpa)
Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi wants to make Corona vaccine available to everyone

French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi has promised to offer everyone a future vaccine against the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. “The Covid-19 vaccine will be made available to all citizens, regardless of their nationality,” Sanofi France quoted Director General Paul Hudson on Wednesday evening.

The announcement followed an interview with Hudson published by the US financial news agency Bloomberg. Hudson has made it clear that the US has priority over the vaccine, Bloomberg reported on its website. The United States was the first to support research. The agency quoted the Sanofi chief as saying that the US government had “the right to make the largest pre-order.”

The two pharmaceutical companies Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline had already announced in April that they wanted to work together on a vaccine against the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. If testing is successful, a vaccine may be available in the second half of 2021. Sanofi now announced via Twitter that the company’s teams are trying to accelerate the development of a vaccine.

Union faction vice Jung calls for further easing at the border

After the announced easing of border controls, Union parliamentary group vice-president Andreas Jung quickly called for further steps to normalize border traffic. “On Saturday the barriers at the closed border crossings finally go up again. This is an important step, but we are not there yet,” said the CDU politician at the German Press Agency. “We continue to fight for a European response against Corona without limit restrictions,” said Jung.

In the next step, entry bans would have to be removed and rejections should stop. “People must be able to get back together – at a distance, but across borders,” emphasized Jung. He said: “We need to move quickly now, not only in mid-June!”

Outright top official: USA not sufficiently prepared

The United States said it was underprepared for the pandemic, according to a top official who allegedly criticized the government’s corona policy. “We missed early warning signs,” Rick Bright said on Wednesday before the US Senate. The official had lost his job as chief of the Biomedical Research and Development Agency (Barda) last month, according to his own account, because he opposed President Donald Trump’s corona plans.

If the United States did not finally take nationwide action against the corona pandemic, the country would face the “darkest winter” for decades, according to Bright. The health expert wants to do this on Thursday before the Senate, on Wednesday it was published in advance. “Our time window is closing.” At the beginning of the corona crisis, the government “forgot” the basic rules for dealing with pandemics, criticizes Bright.

Barda is involved in the development of a corona vaccine, among other things. Bright said he had been replaced as head and transferred to a subordinate post because he opposed the use of the malaria drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. Although its benefits have not been proven, President Donald Trump has repeatedly propagated its use. On the other hand, he took the floor – and then got rid of his job.

Reproduction factor “R” drops to 0.81

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the reproduction factor “R” in Germany falls further below the critical value of “1”. It is currently 0.81, the institute reports in its current management report. It was 0.94 on Tuesday and 1.07 on Monday. Roughly speaking, a value below 1.0 means that an infected person infects less than another person on average. According to the RKI, this is also an important goal with a view to easing restrictions. Read more here.

Cyber ​​attacks in corona research: USA blames China heavily

US authorities have warned that Chinese hackers are spying on research into the fight against the corona virus. The U.S. Federal FBI and the U.S. Cyber ​​Security Agency, CISA, said in a joint announcement on Wednesday that organizations working on vaccines, tests and treatments for the virus were the primary targets of such surveillance efforts by China and should protect their systems.

Research attempts of this kind have already been observed. The potential theft of this information threatens to provide safe and efficient treatment options. “China’s efforts to target these sectors pose a significant threat to our nation’s response to Covid-19,” it said. Relations between the United States and China are generally tense in the corona crisis. US President Donald Trump has blamed China for the outbreak of the pandemic and accused the country of inability to deal with the virus.

France reports over 27,000 deaths

In France, more than 27,000 people have died as a result of a corona virus infection. The Ministry of Health said Wednesday evening that 27,074 deaths have been registered since the pandemic began. The number of deaths thus increased by 83 compared to the previous day. According to the Ministry, 9,973 deaths were registered in old age and social care facilities. Around 27,000 people were still treated in clinics for infection with the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

Italian cabinet adopts € 55 billion aid package

After a long delay, Italy has launched its € 55 billion aid package, which is intended to support business and private individuals in the virus crisis. The cabinet has approved the project, says Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Disputes in the shaky government coalition had repeatedly delayed adoption.

Corona suspicion: Trump’s ex-campaign manager may serve time in prison at home

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, can serve his remaining prison sentence for the corona pandemic, according to media reports. Several US media, including the Washington Post and CNN, said Wednesday, citing Manafort’s lawyers that he had received permission to serve his sentence under house arrest instead of in prison for fears of pre-existing corona infections .

South American city: There will be a curfew in Santiago de Chile from Friday. (Source: imago images)South American city: There will be a curfew in Santiago de Chile from Friday. (Source: imago images)

Chile quarantines the entire capital

After a sharp increase in infections, the Chilean government quarantined the metropolitan area around the capital Santiago de Chile. “These measures are being taken to prevent more people from being hospitalized and to spread the focus of infection from the Santiago metropolitan area to other areas,” said Health Minister Jaime Manalich on Wednesday. According to this, the inhabitants of the region can only leave their houses and apartments with a special permit.

The curfew is valid from Friday evening (local time) for one week in the 32 municipalities of the metropolitan region and six neighboring towns. In total, around eight million people live in the region – this corresponds to a good 40 percent of the total population of Chile. In the South American country, 34,381 people have been proven to be infected with the corona virus – 2,660 new cases have been added in the past 24 hours alone. 347 patients have died from Covid-19 lung disease.

Minister of Labor Heil wants to “clean up” in the meat industry

After the accumulation of corona infections in several slaughterhouses, Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) has promised legal consequences. “We will clean up with these conditions,” said Heil on Wednesday at a current hour in the Bundestag. The Corona cabinet will take measures next Monday that go beyond the previous regulations, he said, complaining about the often precarious working and living conditions of foreign agency workers in the meat industry. “As a society, we cannot continue to watch how people from Central and Eastern Europe are exploited in this society.”

1,000 employees: There was another corona outbreak in a slaughterhouse in Straubing – says the responsible district administrator. (Source: Reuters)

The minister emphasized that current subcontracting in the industry is the “root of the problem”. Therefore, he campaigned to fundamentally think about the currently widespread construction contract constructions. In addition, Heil campaigned for nationwide control quotas. Many federal states had saved too much at the responsible authorities to check compliance with the existing occupational safety regulations.

Virus hub Ischgl declares itself to be corona-free

The winter sports resort Ischgl in which has been criticized as a corona hotspot in recent weeks Austria is corona free again. As can be seen from a collection of information from the State of Tyrol, there is currently no active case of lung disease in the small community Covid-19. In the other communities in the Paznaun Valley, too, there are hardly any sick people. On Wednesday, the Tyrolean state parliament set up a commission to investigate the state government’s corona crisis management. Ischgl will also be in focus. From here, the virus should have spread widely through the many international guests.

Schools and cafes are to open in Lithuania

Lithuania has decided to further relax the corona restrictions. The government in Vilnius largely lifted the mouthguard requirement in public space on Wednesday. At the beginning of the coming week, bars, cafés and restaurants should also be able to serve customers indoors, and a little later, students in the Baltic state can return to the classrooms. Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis said at a press conference.

Vienna donates food vouchers for restaurants

In the Corona crisis, the city of Vienna donated a voucher for restaurant visits of up to 50 euros to all 950,000 households. The Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) announced on Wednesday. Single-person households receive a voucher of 25 euros, multi-person households receive a 50-euro voucher. This can be redeemed in all participating restaurants and coffee houses by the end of September. There is one downside: alcoholic drinks cannot be paid with tax money.

The Austrian capital, where the election will take place in October, will cost the campaign 40 million euros. “Yes, we can afford that,” said Ludwig. After all, it is about the future of 6,500 taverns with around 60,000 employees. In mid-March, Vienna had already given all seniors over 65 years of age a taxi voucher of 50 euros in view of the risk of infection with the corona virus.

Volle Straße in Vienna: Alcoholic beverages cannot be paid with tax money. (Source: imago images)Volle Straße in Vienna: Alcoholic beverages cannot be paid with tax money. (Source: imago images)

Australian Church fined for selling alleged Corona funds

In Australia, a “church” known for its questionable healing methods has been fined for illegally promoting an alleged corona miracle cure. The Australian pharmaceutical regulator TGA said Wednesday that twelve fines totaling around 90,000 euros had been imposed on the municipality of MMS Australia. According to the agency, the supposed miracle drug contained a high concentration of sodium chlorite – a chemical that is used, for example, to bleach textiles or as a disinfectant.

MMS Australia is an offshoot of the U.S.-based Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, which is subject to an injunction from the U.S. Department of Justice. This is to prevent the church from selling or distributing its own version of MMS (“Miracle Mineral Solution”), which contains the bleaching agent chlorine dioxide. A website that is believed to be connected to the church states that MMS can cure everything from Alzheimer’s to malaria.

Spain wants to keep borders closed until July

The Spanish authorities are considering keeping the borders closed to most foreign travelers until July, according to Reuters news agency. As soon as the “new normal” has been established, the borders could be opened for Schengen countries, says a representative of the Foreign Ministry and adds: “We are talking about an opening for these countries in early July.”

In Spain, the number of newly reported infections rose by 661 to 228,691. It remains below the 1000 mark again. The day before, there were 594 infections, the least number of new infections in more than two months. The Ministry of Health recorded an increase in deaths from 184 to 27,104 on Wednesday.

In-line tests planned at slaughterhouses in Bavaria

After increasing numbers of corona infected people at a slaughterhouse in the Straubing-Bogen district, employees of other companies in Bavaria are also to be examined. This was announced by a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Munich on Wednesday. The ministry spokesman said that the number of positive findings in the Lower Bavarian company had risen to 14, according to the district office. The tests for this, however, had been carried out before the serial examination of all 1,000 employees started on Tuesday.

“It is also clear that working in the slaughterhouse itself does not lead to a particular infection situation, rather the communal accommodation must be taken into account,” the spokesman continued.

Johnson: 275 health and social workers died

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said 144 health care workers and 131 social workers related to Covid-19 have died in the UK. In total, the UK has confirmed more than 40,000 corona deaths – more than in any other European country.

Restaurants and hairdressers are allowed to reopen in Poland

Poland loosens further corona protection measures. As of May 18, restaurants and hairdressing salons will be allowed to reopen, as Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced. Schools should offer day care for first to third graders. “We have at least contained the epidemic to a certain extent, so we can gradually thaw the economy again.”

Russia stops using ventilators

Russia has stopped using its respiratory machine called “Awenta-M” after two fires in Corona clinics and the death of six patients. The health protection authority Rossdrawnadsor announced in Moscow on Wednesday that the use of the devices manufactured since April 1 for artificial ventilation of patients is prohibited. The state health surveillance agency cited a fire in a Moscow clinic on May 9 and a St. Petersburg clinic on May 12 as the reason. A total of six people died in the accident.

Investigators suspect that there was a short circuit on the machines – with the fires as a result. Russia had also supplied devices of this type to the United States as humanitarian aid. The FEMA authority responsible for civil protection there banned the Russian state agency Tass from using the “Awenta-M” equipment until the fires in Russia were cleared up.

Interior Minister Seehofer wants to restore European border traffic

Germany also wants to gradually ease its border controls. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer presented the plans for this at a press conference on Wednesday. Read more about it here.

China once again seals off the city of millions

In China, the authorities have again largely sealed off a metropolis due to the corona risk. Read more about it here.

Corona crisis will burden German municipalities financially

Many German cities and municipalities expect their budgetary situation to deteriorate significantly in the foreseeable future due to the consequences of the Corona crisis. This emerges from a survey of the state development bank KfW among 200 municipalities published in Frankfurt am Main on Wednesday. Accordingly, 90 percent of them are “pessimistic” about their financial situation in the current year. 80 percent assume that the situation will remain bad in the coming year.

According to the KfW, the survey is not representative of all of the municipalities. However, it gives “a resilient impression” of how the corona pandemic affects the communities financially, the development bank said. 42 percent expected a sharp drop in income this year, and a further 53 percent at least a trend towards falling income. The main reason for this is that tax revenues have declined due to the crisis.

Spahn: Home office and the children “ist Kokolores”

In an interview with the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”, Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) spoke about the protective mask situation in Germany – and expressed his concerns about the home office. According to Spahn, the situation on the market for medical masks has eased. Procurement started with difficulty, said the CDU politician. “In the meantime, however, we have managed to procure so much that the first statutory health insurance associations and countries tell me” the farm is full, stop deliveries “. Four weeks ago that was even more difficult, said Spahn.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn: At the beginning of the corona crisis there was criticism from hospitals and care facilities. There was insufficient protective equipment. (Source: imago images / photothek)Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn: At the beginning of the corona crisis there was criticism from hospitals and care facilities. There was insufficient protective equipment. (Source: photothek / imago images)

Clinics, medical practices and care facilities criticized at the beginning of the Corona crisis that insufficient protective equipment was available for the employees. The federal government then decided to procure masks, among other things, centrally. In the interview, Spahn campaigned for understanding: “Should we have bought masks earlier? Yes! I actively decided against buying masks, no!”, He explained. At the time it should have been done, the subject was not conscious. “In retrospect, you’re smarter.”

The stress of home office and simultaneous childcare in Corona times are often underestimated in Spahn’s estimation. “This idea, I also get it, home office and the children, by the way, where everyone thinks, somehow works, is of course Kokolores – does not work,” said Spahn.

CDU politicians only want freedom of travel for people from border regions

The CDU domestic politician Armin Schuster calls for the freedom of travel to be restored for the border population, but not yet to open the borders in general in view of the corona pandemic. “It would help trade a lot, it would help social relationships. And I think that would be the greatest emotional pressure,” said the Union chairman in the Bundestag interior committee to Deutschlandfunk. “But to do away with border controls because of that is premature.” The crisis has not yet been overcome. He does not want to send the signal for open borders in Europe – especially at Pentecost.

Austria reopens the border with Germany

The border between Germany and Austria, closed due to the corona pandemic, will be fully reopened on June 15. Read more about it here.

TUI has to cut over 8,000 jobs due to the corona crisis

The travel company TUI has announced that the pandemic and the extreme economic loss will have to cut around 8,000 jobs in summer 2020. Read more about it here.

Demand for clear plastic sheets has increased

Transparent plastic sheets are in high demand as a hygiene protection measure in the Corona crisis. This gives the industry an unprecedented level of orders, said Joachim Wehmeyer of the Purchasing Association of German Plastic Traders (EVDK). They had been surprised by the value chain. Now there is no material anywhere in Europe. Because of the increased demand, the retailers are sometimes faced with delivery times on the part of the industry of up to six months and use the stocks, orders placed in advance or framework contracts, according to the EVDK. The industrial production capacities are used to the maximum.

Plastic plates are currently being installed in many places to protect against the spread of the new corona virus: in restaurants and cafés as well as in old people’s homes, schools, companies and shops. It is therefore not expected that demand will decrease in the coming months, the EVDK said.

Official doctor sharply criticizes Berlin warning system

The new Berlin warning system for the corona pandemic has weaknesses in the opinion of Patrick Larscheid, the physician from Reinickendorf. In the traffic light system, the reproductive rate, the number of new infections and the occupancy of intensive care beds with Covid 19 patients are the decisive warning factors. For example, if the mark of 20 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is reached within seven days, the traffic light switches from green to yellow and 30 new infections to red. Larscheid criticizes these limit values ​​as arbitrary. “The number 20 and 30, for which there is no basis at all, is completely out of thin air,” he told the German Press Agency.

“I have to keep an eye on the development of numbers, that’s much more important than absolute values. In this respect, I’m not really happy with this system.” For Larscheid, however, this also applies to the definition of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants between the federal and state governments last week: “The old rule has the same weakness that the sheer number was completely arbitrary.”

Expert forecast: Nearly 150,000 corona deaths in the US by the end of July

In an updated model calculation, US scientists assume that there will be almost 150,000 corona deaths in the United States by the end of July. The higher predicted number of victims is, among other things, due to the relaxation of the corona requirements beginning in many parts of the country, the researchers of the institute IHME of the University of Washington in Seattle said on Tuesday. The whole impact of the easing would only become clear in a few weeks because of the time between infections, tests, possible hospital stays or deaths, they warned.

The experts last updated their model on Sunday and said that the number of victims would stabilize at around 134,000 deaths by the end of July. Now they predict around 147,000 deaths on August 4. The IHME model does not represent an exact forecast: every calculation model can only be as good as the underlying data, assumptions and the conclusions drawn from it. The figure of 147,000 deaths by the beginning of August represents an average of the researchers’ calculations. At least the experts assume 113,000 deaths, and a maximum of 227,000 according to the model.

Report: Number of asylum applications in the EU fell significantly during the Corona crisis

According to a newspaper report, the number of asylum applications in the EU decreased significantly in the first four months of this year. Read more about it here.

EU Commissioner considers summer vacation in Europe possible

EU Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni has been confident that the European vacation season can take place in the summer despite the ongoing Corona pandemic. “We will definitely have a tourist season in the summer, but with security measures and restrictions,” said the Italian to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

This Wednesday, the EU Commission wants to publish recommendations for the gradual lifting of border controls. Read more here.

Study: Coronavirus spread in Brazil before Carnival

According to a scientific study, the corona virus spread in Brazil before this year’s carnival – before the first discovery of an infection in the country. The spread of the virus began around the first week of February, according to a study published on Tuesday by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, the leading Brazilian health institute. According to the study, the spread of the pathogen in Brazil began more than 20 days before the infection was first diagnosed in the country for a traveler returning from Italy. This case of infection was discovered shortly after the carnival.

The study raises concerns that there may be significantly more infections in Brazil than the official statistics show. With around 12,400 deaths and over 177,500 cases of infection, Brazil is the country most affected by the pandemic in Latin America. On Tuesday, 881 new casualties hit the previous record in the number of deaths recorded within 24 hours.

US Democrats want to adopt new Corona aid package

The US Democrats want to tackle the social and economic consequences of the corona pandemic with a new, gigantic aid package. The bill, which was brought into the House of Representatives controlled by the opposition party on Tuesday, provides for measures totaling $ 3 trillion (€ 2.75 trillion). The package would be significantly larger than the previous rescue programs against the crisis.

However, the prospects for the new aid package being adopted are poor. It would also have to be approved by the Senate, in which President Donald Trump’s Republican Party has a majority. The Democratic legislative initiative “will never pass the Senate,” said Republican Senator John Barrasso. Trump recently said he was against the rapid adoption of further anti-crisis measures.

The democratic bill proposes, among other things, further direct government grants to millions of citizens. Checks over $ 6,000 are to be issued per household. In an earlier package, payments of $ 1,200 per household had already been approved. The new draft law also provides support for health and emergency workers, an expansion of food aid for poor families and additional financial aid for small businesses.

China: Seven New Coronavirus Cases

The Chinese health authorities report seven new coronavirus cases on the mainland, only one new infection was reported the day before. Six of the new cases were local infections in the northeastern province of Jilin. The only imported case occurred in Shanghai, explains the National Health Commission.

Republicans in the U.S. Senate threaten China with sanctions

Fellow Congressman Donald Trump has threatened China with sanctions for dealing with the corona pandemic. A group of Republican senators released a bill Tuesday that would give Trump powers to punish unless Beijing was “fully accountable” for the outbreak of the virus.

China’s “complete delusion about the origin and spread of the virus” has cost the world “valuable time” and lives, said Senator Jim Inhofe, one of the authors of the bill. Trump has made similar allegations against Beijing.

The draft law not only requires that China provide full information about the coronavirus outbreak. The country is also said to close dangerous markets as a focus of infection and release pro-democratic activists from Hong Kong arrested since the virus broke out. Trump is scheduled to set a 60-day period to certify to Congress that China has met these demands. If this is not the case, the president should be authorized to impose sanctions such as the freezing of Chinese assets in the United States and travel bans or the withdrawal of visas. It is also said to be able to restrict Chinese companies’ access to the US banking system and capital markets.

Fauci: The number of corona deaths is probably higher than previously known

Prominent immunologist and US government advisor Anthony Fauci believes it is possible that the corona pandemic has claimed more lives in the United States than previously known. According to a statement by Johns Hopkins University, there are now over 1.3 million confirmed corona infections and more than 80,000 deaths across the United States. Fauci said on Tuesday during a video hearing in the U.S. Senate that the actual death toll was probably even higher. There may have been people who died at home from the effects of a corona infection without this having ended up in official statistics. Read more about the chief virologist’s hearing in the United States here.

Donald Trump (left) and advisor Anthony Fauci: In the corona crisis, the statements of both have repeatedly contradicted each other slightly. (Source: imago images / MediaPunch)Donald Trump (left) and advisor Anthony Fauci: In the corona crisis, the statements of both have repeatedly contradicted each other slightly. (Source: MediaPunch / imago images)

Los Angeles plans exit restrictions through July

For the approximately 10 million Californians in the Los Angeles district, the exit restrictions due to the corona pandemic could remain in place until the end of July. Los Angeles County’s health director, Barbara Ferrer, announced this at a hearing Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported. In their view, an earlier opening of public life is only possible if there is a “dramatic” turn in the fight against the virus. Ferrer spoke of a slow easing of conditions over the next few months.

For example, the beaches in the Los Angeles district are supposed to reopen to visitors from Wednesday after almost two months of closure. However, only sporting activities such as swimming or jogging are permitted. People have to keep their distance from each other and wear a protective mask outside the water. Sunbathing is not allowed.

According to information from Tuesday, more than 69,700 infections with Sars-CoV-2 have been detected in the west coast state, so far 2802 people have died. The district of Los Angeles has by far the highest numbers of the 58 counties.

Goering-Eckardt sees “danger that everything will slip away”

Greens faction leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt is very uneasy about the easing policy of the federal and state governments in the corona crisis. “I am very worried,” said Goering-Eckardt in the “World” interview. “Not because one or the other is loosened, but because so much is loosened at the same time. It is therefore difficult for us to understand how the situation is developing,” warned the Green politician. There is definitely the “danger that everything will slip away from us again”. A second wave of corona would be significantly more painful, both for companies and for private individuals.

Göring-Eckardt called for “flexible reactions in the districts and municipalities according to location – with tougher measures or further easing”. To do this, however, significantly more tests are necessary. The group leader asked Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) to put in place a binding concept for nationwide corona tests with the federal states and the Robert Koch Institute.

Letter to von der Leyen: EU conservatives call for end of border controls

According to a media report, European conservatives are increasing the pressure on the EU Commission to end border controls between member states from May 15. In a letter to her party friend, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (CDU), MPs from the European People’s Party (EPP) from all over the EU called for an end to the controls introduced at the beginning of the Corona crisis, reports the “editorial network Germany” in advance. Quarantine rules for EU citizens traveling to another EU country should also be lifted. This Wednesday, the EU Commission wants to explain how it envisages an end to the Corona border regime.

Court rejects urgent application against mask requirement

According to a decision by the Higher Administrative Court in Bremen, the obligation to wear a mask when shopping and on public transport is an appropriate means of preventing the spread of the corona virus. As a court spokesman announced on Tuesday, the court rejected an urgent request against the duty. Accordingly, the basic right to free development of personality is not disproportionately restricted by the regulation.

Wuhan wants to test all eleven million residents on Corona

Due to new corona cases in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, the authorities there ordered the testing of the entire population. As the Chinese media reported on Tuesday, each of the 13 boroughs now has ten days to initiate testing of the total of eleven million residents. The time span in which all eleven million residents should be tested remained initially open.

On Sunday and Monday, six new infections with the new coronavirus were registered in Wuhan for the first time in a month. The infected are elderly residents of a residential complex in the Dongxihu district. In the central Chinese industrial metropolis, the novel corona virus was first detected in humans at the end of 2019.

Saxony opens cinemas and outdoor pools earlier than planned

Saxony wants to bring most of the already announced corona loosening to this Friday. The government announced on Tuesday after a cabinet meeting. According to the new protection ordinance, theaters, cinemas and outdoor swimming pools should reopen. This was originally planned for next Monday. An opening on Friday was only promised to restaurants and hotels. In exceptional cases, relatives may be visited in old people’s and nursing homes. Hygiene concepts are a prerequisite. Daycare centers and schools only open from Monday.

Saxony’s Minister of Health Petra Köpping (SPD) spoke of an “historic day”. It is about the biggest easing nationwide. Saxony’s Minister of Economics Martin Dulig (SPD) called the easing a “brave step”: “Courage must not become frivolous”, he appealed to reason. The instruction to reduce the contacts to a minimum, to keep them at least 1.5 meters away and to wear a mouth and nose cover in certain areas remains.

SPD calls on Interior Minister Seehofer to open the border

The SPD calls on Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) to immediately enable small border traffic with neighboring countries again. “Where that is not possible, this has to be checked weekly as an exception, objectively justified and justified,” says the domestic spokeswoman for the SPD parliamentary group, Ute Vogt. “Flat-rate border closures must be avoided in the future.”

The Home Office extended the border regulations last week until May 15. Anyone arriving from abroad must currently go into quarantine for two weeks. Only commuters are exempt. The Lower Saxony Higher Administrative Court had suspended the quarantine obligation on Monday at the request of a holiday home owner in Sweden.

Putin’s spokesman Peskow infected with coronavirus

Kremlin spokesman Vladimir Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has been infected with the corona virus. The 52-year-old confirmed this to the Russian state agency Tass on Tuesday and said that he would be treated. Details were not known. Peskow has been working from home for some time.

Putin spokesman: Dmitry Peskov tested positive for the corona virus. (Source: imago images)Putin spokesman: Dmitry Peskov tested positive for the corona virus. (Source: imago images)

Peskow belongs to the closest circle of the Russian president. He had repeatedly confirmed that Putin was healthy and was regularly tested. Putin directs state affairs from his Moscow suburb Novo-Ogarjowo. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin became known about two weeks ago. The Minister of Construction and the Minister of Culture were also infected. Mishustin, however, is on the mend, it was said.

Schwerin does not want to admit tourists from Corona risk areas

Even after the planned restart of tourism on May 25, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania does not want to let tourists from German Corona risk areas into the country. That announced Economy Minister Harry Glawe (CDU) on Tuesday. Hotels, pensions, campsites and landlords of holiday apartments should check this via the postcodes of the home towns of guests arriving.

For this purpose, the State Health Office is to record and make available those counties in which the Robert Koch Institute has registered more than 50 new corona infections in the past seven days. Those who do not comply with the entry ban must face a fine of 500 euros. If tourists are already in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania when their home country exceeds the threshold, they should be asked to visit a doctor at the holiday location. The regulation is valid until June 15th.

Thuringia allows demos without limit of participants

Demonstrations in Thuringia should again be possible from Wednesday without restrictions on the number of participants. This provides for a regulation that the cabinet has agreed on, as the Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday in Erfurt.

Demo against the corona rules on the cathedral square in Erfurt. (Source: imago images / photo2000)Demo against the corona rules on the cathedral square in Erfurt. (Source: photo2000 / imago images)

Thuringia will open swimming pools and gyms from June

Open-air swimming pools and swimming lakes in Thuringia could reopen from June 1, said Health Minister Heike Werner (left) on Tuesday in Erfurt. Gyms could also start operating again at this time if, as in other facilities, the necessary protection and hygiene concepts to reduce the risk of infection were in place. Indoor swimming pools, saunas, thermal baths, cinemas and discos remained closed until June 15th. These regulations are part of the new Thuringian Corona Regulation, which comes into force on Wednesday.

Berlin adopts its own Corona early warning system

In deviation from the federal-state agreements in the previous week, Berlin is using its own warning system in the corona pandemic. The rate of reproduction, the number of new infections and the occupancy of intensive care beds with Covid-19 patients should play a role, said Prime Minister Michael Müller and Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (both SPD) on Tuesday. Read more about it here.

Bavaria does not want to accept violations during demonstrations

The Bavarian state government does not want to tolerate violations of the corona rules during demonstrations. At rallies in Nuremberg, for example, a considerable discrepancy between the applicable rules and local behavior could be seen, said State Chancellor Florian Herrmann after a cabinet meeting in Munich on Tuesday.

According to Herrmann, many more demos had more people than registered. “In some cases on purpose” passers-by were pressed. Herrmann emphasized that you would not let yourself be danced on. In order to avoid similar situations in the future, Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) will work out a concept in cooperation with the municipalities. In Bavaria, rallies have a maximum number of 50 participants and a duration of no more than one hour if the distance rules are observed.

Head of State Chancellery: Bavaria on the right track

The head of the Munich State Chancellery, Florian Herrmann, sees Bavaria on the right track in the corona pandemic. “Our course of caution and prudence is having an impact,” he said. You can see this from the daily new infections, the reproductive factor or the occupancy of the intensive care beds in the hospitals.

Bavarian cabinet provides information on corona measures

Members of the Bavarian state government want to inform about the results of a cabinet meeting in the early afternoon. It is expected that they will also comment on the corona measures in the Free State and on how to deal with demonstrations against the restrictions. t-online.de accompanies the press conference in the livestream and in the news blog.

Researchers: Retail closings hardly had any effect

According to calculations by scientists, the closings of schools and daycare had the greatest impact on containing the pandemic in Germany. In contrast, measures in retail remained almost ineffective. This was written by Enzo Weber and Tobias Hartl from the Institute for Labor Market and Research (IAB) of the Federal Employment Agency and from the University of Regensburg.

The school and day care center closures would have reduced the growth rate of confirmed corona infections by 7.9 percentage points. The exit restrictions and the cessation of professional and recreational sports would also be highly significant. On the other hand, the closings in retail, the hospitality industry or for hairdressers and cosmetics companies would have had little effect.

In their investigation, the researchers compared the various measures taken by politics, which came into force at different times. The temporal and regional variation allows an assessment of the effects on the slowdown of virus spread, they write. Her conclusion: “According to our results, there could be good chances that a controlled opening of the service sectors of public life is possible without significantly increasing the infection rate.”

Almost empty shopping street in Freiburg: The restrictions in the retail sector would have had little effect on the spread of the virus, say labor market researchers. (Source: imago images / Ralph Peters)Almost empty shopping street in Freiburg: The restrictions in the retail sector would have had little effect on the spread of the virus, say labor market researchers. (Source: Ralph Peters / imago images)

Hamburg Senate relaxes contact restrictions

The Hamburg Senate has relaxed contact restrictions. As health senator Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks (SPD) said on Tuesday, members of two different households can meet again on Wednesday.

Test capacity riddle: “Answer is outrageous”

The reasons for the big difference between theoretically possible corona tests in Germany and the number of tests actually carried out remain unclear. The Federal Ministry of Health’s response to a question from FDP parliamentary group Christian Dürr, which was presented to the AFP news agency, does not address this. “The answer is an impertinence,” said Dürr. It could not be “that the Ministry of Health refused to provide information on this issue”.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) publishes data once a week on the capacities for corona tests as well as on the tests actually carried out and their results. According to the latest publication, the laboratories can theoretically carry out almost 965,000 tests per week. Most recently, just under 318,000 examinations were carried out in the week from April 27.

Russia now ranks second worldwide in infections

With the start of the first easing in Russia, the number of coronavirus infected has risen sharply. According to the authorities, there are more than 232,200 documented cases. According to surveys by the US University of Johns Hopkins based on officially reported data, the country with the largest surface area in the world is now in second place in terms of the total number of infections reported, ahead of Spain (228,000). There are more diseases only in the United States.

On Tuesday, according to the Russian authorities, almost 10,900 new infections were added. 43,500 people were therefore considered to have recovered. The authorities explain the sharp rise in the fact that significantly more people are tested for the virus than at the beginning of the epidemic. However, a high number of unreported cases is expected.

President Vladimir Putin announced Monday that the country’s non-working time as a measure against further spread of the virus had ended. This Tuesday, for example, work was allowed on construction sites and in industrial companies in Moscow. The governors in the regions are now deciding on further easing.

Passengers in the Moscow Metro: Some measures have now been relaxed in the Russian capital. (Source: imago images / ITAR-TASS)Passengers in the Moscow Metro: Some measures have now been relaxed in the Russian capital. (Source: ITAR-TASS / imago images)

80 new corona infections in slaughterhouse in Pforzheim

In a slaughterhouse in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim, more than 80 people have tested positive for the corona virus. This increases the number of employees who are or were infected with Covid-19 to around 400, said a spokeswoman for the district office in Enzkreis in Baden-Württemberg. That is more than a third of the workforce of around 1,100 employees. The authority published the results on Monday evening. Several media reported about it.

Almost 150 employees have now recovered. This means that they are allowed to work again. However, they are still subject to the company quarantine and may only move between their home and their place of work, as the spokeswoman explained.

RKI provides information on the corona situation in Germany

The Robert Koch Institute announced in a press conference on Tuesday about the latest developments in the corona crisis in Germany. The focus of the briefing was particularly on the number of reproductions. The institute currently sees the situation stabilizing, but does not yet want to speak of the all-clear. Read more about it here.

Lars Schaade: The Vice President of the Robert Koch Institute soon thinks open borders are possible again. (Source: imago images)Lars Schaade: The Vice President of the Robert Koch Institute soon thinks open borders are possible again. (Source: imago images)

Australia’s finance minister after self-isolation after coughing fit

Australia’s finance minister Josh Frydenberg has had a coughing fit in parliament and was immediately tested for the corona virus. He had “dry mouth and cough” while submitting a household report, the minister said in a statement a few hours after the incident. He had been advised to get tested for the virus and had done so immediately after leaving Parliament. Until the result of the investigation expected on Wednesday is available, he will remain in isolation, according to Frydenberg.

The minister struggled with the coughing spell for a few minutes while his colleagues in parliament were sitting at the intervals required for the coroan virus. “Too long a speech,” the minister quipped in a tight voice. The live broadcast of the parliamentary session showed him coughing several times before touching his face and touching the lectern, even though this actually violated the government’s conduct requirements.

Restaurants in Hamburg may open from Wednesday

Restaurants in Hamburg are allowed to reopen from Wednesday on in compliance with hygiene and clearance rules. The German Press Agency learned this on Tuesday morning from Senate circles. NDR 90.3 had previously reported on this. According to the broadcaster, restaurants and bars should be able to serve their guests indoors and outdoors. In Hamburg too, it should therefore apply that up to two families may sit at one table. The operators should wear mouth and nose protection, reported NDR 90.3.

The red-green Senate in Hamburg wants to announce further easing at noon in the restrictions in the fight against the corona pandemic. It is about the implementation of the steps agreed between the federal and state governments last Wednesday. After a meeting of the Senate under Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD), it should also be announced when the loosening will have to be reversed if the number of new infections increases sharply again.

Empty restaurant on the Landungsbrücken: Hamburg loosens the restrictions on gastronomy from Wednesday. (Source: imago images / Hoch Zwei)Empty restaurant on the Landungsbrücken: Hamburg loosens the restrictions on gastronomy from Wednesday. (Source: Hoch Zwei / imago images)

Government approval in Corona crisis “exceptional” large

Approval for the work of the federal government rose drastically in the corona crisis, according to a survey by the Institute for Demoscopy Allensbach for the Bertelsmann Foundation, which was reported on Tuesday by the “Tagesspiegel”. “The values ​​are exceptional and the changes more than clear,” said the Bertelsmann Foundation’s democracy expert, Robert Vehrkamp, ​​to the newspaper. Read more about it here.

Contagion rate in the UK is falling

According to Health Minister Matt Hancock, the virus infection rate in Great Britain is now below the critical value of 1.0. It is in the middle range of 0.5 to 0.9. That means that from a purely arithmetical point of view, one person infected with corona infects less than another person on average.

Tourism on the East Frisian Islands is starting again

With the Corona easing in Lower Saxony, tourism on the East Frisian Islands is slowly starting up again. “You can tell that there is a small run,” said a spokeswoman for the AG Ems, which offers trips to Borkum. According to a shipping company spokesman, significantly more crossings were also registered on the first day, after which overnight stays in holiday apartments, houses and campsites were allowed, even after Norderney.

The conditions under which tourists can come vary, however. While in the rest of Lower Saxony it has been valid since Monday that new guests are only allowed to come every seven days, the state regulation for the islands provides for a minimum stay of seven days. At the same time, the regulation also gives local authorities the freedom to decide who can enter the island.

Langeoog’s Mayor Heike Horn (non-party) makes use of this and instead of the minimum stay, the relocation deadline applicable on the mainland: “What is important is that the fluctuation is restricted. If someone stays on the island for three days, the apartment must then be four Remain empty for days. ” On the other hand, Norderney and Juist announce on their websites that renting accommodation for at least a week is a prerequisite for tourists. According to the state government’s plans, hotels should be able to welcome holiday guests again from May 25, with restrictions.

Tourists on the North Sea island of Borkum: The minimum stay for guests on the East Frisian Islands is seven days. (Source: imago images)Tourists on the North Sea island of Borkum: The minimum stay for guests on the East Frisian Islands is seven days. (Source: imago images)

Number of deaths in France jumps

In France, the number of coronavirus-related deaths has skyrocketed. The Ministry of Health announced that 263 new deaths had been registered within 24 hours, and there were still 70 on Sunday. However, there is often a greater increase after a weekend because cases are often reported late. According to the ministry, a total of 26,643 people have died in connection with the virus.

More than 26,000 people have died in connection with the corona virus in France (Source: imago images)More than 26,000 people have died in connection with the corona virus in France (Source: imago images)

Laschet wants to relax the quarantine measures for returnees

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) calls for further state restrictions to curb the corona pandemic. After the lockdown in France ended, the quarantine measures for returnees from European countries in Germany would have to be relaxed, Laschet said in an interview with the “Rheinische Post”. He was of one opinion on the subject with his counterpart from Rhineland-Palatinate and his colleague from Saarland. Read more here.

Coronavirus - Bochum (Source: dpa / Bernd Thissen)Armin Laschet (CDU): The Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia demands x (Source: Bernd Thissen / dpa)

Health Department: Temperature checks at US airports were ineffective

The temperature measurements of passengers at the US airports at the beginning of the corona pandemic were ineffective, according to the CDC health agency, because humans can spread the virus without having symptoms such as increased body temperature. This emerges from a study published by the CDC on Monday.

Since most of the early Corona cases occurred in the United States on the west coast, the CDC experts focused on California in their study. Of the 12,000 passengers checked there between February 3 and March 17, only three appeared later in the state among the 26,000 or so Covid-19 patients registered by April.

According to the report, this suggests that the nearly 1,700 hours worked with temperature checks were pointless. In the case of a respiratory illness, which could be spread before the onset of symptoms and without the appearance of symptoms, temperature measurements at airports may be of “limited use”, the CDC said. According to the USA Today newspaper, the White House plans to resume temperature measurements at several airports.

23,792 new coronavirus cases in the United States

The CDC reports 23,792 new coronavirus cases. 1,324,488 people in America have contracted the virus. The number of patients who died from Covid-19 rose by 985 to 79,756.

Trump: Pence tested negative for corona virus

US Vice President Mike Pence has tested negative for the novel corona virus. This is announced by US President Donald Trump. Pence took the tests on Sunday and Monday. The tests were negative on both occasions. A day earlier, it was announced that Pence’s spokeswoman Katie Miller had tested positive for the virus. The system of security measures in the White House has not collapsed, Trump adds.

US media: Mask requirement for White House employees

According to media reports, wearing face masks is now mandatory in the White House after two corona infections became known to US government officials. This applies to all public areas of the government headquarters, but not to the offices, as several US media reported on Monday, citing internal instructions. Read more here.

Ministry of Interior imposes ban on employees

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has imposed a ban on an employee who, in his official function, has massively criticized the federal government’s corona measures against state representatives. There is now a “ban on the conduct of official business” according to the Federal Officials Act, it said on Monday from the Ministry. Read more here.

Court puts quarantine obligation on immigrants out of prison

The Lower Saxon Higher Administrative Court has suspended the basic quarantine obligation for people entering the country from abroad. The judicial authority announced on Monday evening. Read more here.

European Medicines Agency recommends use of Remdesivir

The European Medicines Agency EMA recommends the use of the remdesivir drug from the US company Gilead, which has not yet been approved as a drug, outside of clinical studies (compassionate use). The EMA reports that it can be used in patients who are not dependent on ventilators. The drug was originally developed to treat Ebola. Initial studies have shown encouraging results that remdesivir could be used successfully in the treatment of coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19. So far there is no cure or vaccine.

Donald Trump: The US President has rekindled the protests against the corona measures. (Source: AP / dpa / Alex Brandon)Donald Trump: The US President has rekindled the protests against the corona measures. (Source: Alex Brandon / AP / dpa)

Trump fuels protests against corona measures

US President Donald Trump has once again sparked protests against coronavirus containment measures – this time it hit the Democratic Governor of the State of Pennsylvania. “The great people of Pennsylvania want their freedom now, and they are fully aware of what that means,” Republican Trump wrote on Twitter on Monday. He accused the Democrats of delaying the opening of the economy. “Democrats are moving slowly across the US for political reasons.” Trump is pushing ahead with the opening of the economy, even though the US continues to have high case numbers.

State of New York eases measures

In the state of New York, strict corona restrictions are relaxed for the first time this week. The exception is the metropolis New York City, which remains in a state of emergency until at least June, as Mayor Bill de Blasio told journalists on Monday. The east coast state is the center of the corona pandemic in the United States. More than 22,000 people have died there from Covid-19.

Erdogan has a four-day curfew in major cities

Turkish head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced another curfew limited to a few days to combat the corona pandemic. From Saturday to May 19, people in Istanbul and other major cities in the country would have to stay at home, Erdogan said in a speech to the nation on Monday after the weekly cabinet meeting.

Reproduction rate continues above critical value

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the infection rate in Germany is still above the critical value of “1”. The RKI announced in its current management report that the reproduction rate (R) is currently estimated at 1.07. Statistically, each infected person infects more than one other person, and the number of cases would increase again. RKI boss Lothar Wieler has repeatedly said that a rate below 1.0 is very important

WHO chief praises Germany’s corona strategy

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO), praises the precautionary measures in Germany, South Korea and China regarding the easing. The gradual lifting of protective measures is complex and difficult, he says in Geneva. However, the three countries had taken steps to prevent the pandemic from resurging.

Laumann calls for a hygiene concept for slaughterhouses

After the accumulation of corona infections in slaughterhouses, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Minister of Health Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) has demanded a coherent hygiene concept from the operators. It is not just about the operation, but also about the living situation of the workers and the transport from the apartment to the slaughterhouse, said Laumann on Monday in Düsseldorf.

Putin declares end of corona-related paid vacation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the end of paid leave that has been in place for more than a month due to the corona crisis. “Starting tomorrow, May 12th, the paid vacation that will apply across the country and in all economic sectors will end,” said the head of state in a televised speech. The fight against the corona pandemic is not yet over, Putin warned.

In a speech on Russian television: Vladimir Putin warned that the fight against the corona pandemic was not yet over. (Source: imago images)In a speech on Russian television: Vladimir Putin warned that the fight against the corona pandemic was not yet over. (Source: imago images)

The danger remains, he emphasized in his speech to the nation, which is a signal for a gradual relaxation of the corona restrictions. Putin had declared April to be the paid vacation month in Russia. This was intended to slow the spread of the corona pandemic.

Angela Merkel: The Chancellor calls on the population to continue to act cautiously. (Archive picture) (Source: imago images / photothek)Angela Merkel: The Chancellor calls on the population to continue to act cautiously. (Archive picture) (Source: photothek / imago images)

Chancellor Merkel: “New phase of the pandemic”

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) made a short statement after a video conversation with the Harz district health department, the district administrator Martin Skiebe and the Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Reiner Haseloff. In it, Merkel repeatedly appealed to the German population: “We are entering a new phase of the pandemic.” It was now necessary “that with all the easing we really have certainty that people will stick to the basic requirements,” said Merkel. This includes maintaining the distance, wearing a mouth and nose guard and taking care of each other. “This is very important,” the Chancellor ended her short speech.

Minister calls for sanctions for violations of corona demonstrations

Thuringia’s Minister of Health Heike Werner (left) has called for the police to act more consistently at protest events against anti-corona requirements. “I expect the police to be better prepared for the next demonstrations,” said Werner in Erfurt to the German Press Agency. The security authorities would have to learn from the experiences of the recent protests, in which people, for example, repeatedly failed to keep their distance from others or were on the move without a mouthguard.

If participants demonstrably violate hygiene regulations, Werner considers sanctions to be appropriate. “It’s also a question of justice to all those who abide by the rules,” she said.

Covid-19 clinic finished on Berlin exhibition grounds

A Corona reserve hospital was built on the Berlin exhibition grounds within a few weeks. Initially, around 500 infected and Covid-19 patients could be isolated and treated if the Berlin clinics reached their limits in the course of the pandemic. “Because the pictures from Italy, Spain and New York showed us that well-positioned hospital systems can be overloaded,” said health senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) at the official opening of the new treatment center on Monday. A total of up to 1,000 spare beds could be created there.

The Corona treatment center on the Berlin exhibition grounds: If the worst comes to the worst, there is space for around 500 Covid-19 patients. (Source: dpa / Kay Nietfeld)The Corona treatment center on the Berlin exhibition grounds: If the worst comes to the worst, there is space for around 500 Covid-19 patients. (Source: Kay Nietfeld / dpa)

Restrictions in the Coesfeld could be relaxed

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Minister of Health Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) sees chances that the easing of the corona protection measures in the district of Coesfeld no longer needs to be postponed. If the infection activity concentrates on the area of ​​the closed slaughterhouse and there are no other infections in the area, restrictions could possibly be withdrawn at the weekend in the district of Coesfeld, Laumann said.

After the outbreak of corona infections in the slaughterhouse for the Coesfeld district, the country had postponed many easing events until May 18. This affects, among other things, the opening of restaurants, fitness studios and dance schools. Even large shops in the Coesfeld district were not allowed to open more than 800 square meters of retail space on Monday.

Germany: 750 million euros for special vaccine research program

The federal government is funding the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus with up to 750 million euros. Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek said in Berlin that two thirds of this was due to the expansion of studies, the rest to securing production in Germany later. A special program will be launched for this. The exact funding guidelines are now being worked out, there should be no double funding. “Developing and manufacturing a vaccine is the key challenge to bring the current pandemic under control,” said Karliczek. It is the key to living a normal life again, the research minister said.

The new special program complements Germany’s internationally committed funds. A global alliance to develop a corona vaccine had raised € 7.4 billion in pledges last week. 525 million euros came from Germany.

As soon as a vaccine is found, it should be produced “on a large scale”, the research minister said. “We still cannot expect miracles,” she said. One has to be prepared for setbacks in vaccine research, unfortunately that is one of them. It was still assumed that no vaccine would be found before 2021 or even 2022.

Cologne Cathedral reopened to tourists

The Cologne Cathedral is open to tourists again after an eight-week break – but subject to conditions. After church services had been possible again since the beginning of the month in the Corona crisis, the cathedral should gradually be made accessible to more people in a responsible manner, said a cathedral spokesman in Cologne. “The cathedral should be open to everyone.”

One of the requirements is that a maximum of 200 visitors may stay in the cathedral at the same time. The mouth protection obligation applies to visitors. You can only go through a certain route in the church. Guided tours and climbing the south tower are not yet possible, the spokesman said. The choir aisle around the Epiphany was also closed due to construction work.

Since March 15, the Cologne Cathedral was only open for silent prayer because of the corona pandemic. According to the cathedral chapter, an average of 16,000 to 20,000 people visit the cathedral every day. It is one of the most visited places of worship in Germany.

Merkel once again warns of caution in the corona crisis

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) once again called for caution in dealing with the pandemic, given the demonstrations against conditions in the corona crisis. It was reported that many people had been shopping without protective masks at the weekend, Merkel said, according to information from the German press agency from participants, on Monday in a video section of the CDU Presidium. In part, this behavior was even seen as a test of courage, the Chancellor criticized. But the command is still to adhere to the applicable distance rules.

Merkel went on to say that only in two to three weeks would it be known how the easing of the corona restrictions decided last week had an impact on the infection numbers. She also announced that this Wednesday in the Bundestag in the government survey again to comment on the measures relevant to the federal government to classify the pandemic. Merkel and the federal government had recently been accused of causing confusion with different key figures.

Wuhan reports new coronavirus infections again

In the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, the authorities have reported new infections with the corona virus for the second day in a row. In a residential area of ​​the city, five new infections were confirmed on Monday, the authorities said. In the quarter, an 89-year-old man was already infected on Sunday – the first in more than a month.

The central Chinese industrial metropolis of Wuhan is the origin of the coronavirus pandemic. To curb the virus, authorities quarantined the entire city for more than two months. Since the curfew was lifted a good four weeks ago, Wuhan has actually been considered a “low-risk” area. In the affected residential area, the infection risk level has now been raised from “low” to “medium”.

Temperature measurement for students: In Wuhan, the corona restrictions were relaxed after more than two months. (Source: AP / dpa / Chinatopix)Temperature measurement for students: In Wuhan, the corona restrictions were relaxed after more than two months. (Source: Chinatopix / AP / dpa)

Hamburg police found many violations of corona rules

The Hamburg police discovered a number of violations of the corona-related contact restrictions last weekend. 220 administrative offenses were initiated and 120 dismissals were pronounced, a spokeswoman said. Read more about it here. What rules apply in your state See here.

Number of new deaths in Spain decreased

The number of coronavirus deaths reported daily in Spain has dropped to its lowest level in seven weeks. The Ministry of Health reports 123 new deaths. A total of 26,744 people can be proven to have died as a result of infection with the new virus in Spain. The number of confirmed infections rose by 3,046 to 227,436 within 24 hours.

Russia reports record increase in new infections

Russia reports a new high with 11,656 new infections. This brought the number of proven infections to 221,344. Infections in Russia have increased by more than 10,000 for days. The authorities attribute this to an increased test program. The number of deaths rose by 94 within 24 hours to 2,009.

Coesfeld: Cases further increased at the weekend

In the Coesfeld district, the number of infections increased further after a corona outbreak in a meat company. A district spokesman said 780 infections were recorded in the district on Sunday, 35 more than on Saturday. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the number of new infections in the district was just under 96 and thus significantly above the specified upper limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days. Many of the loosening of the corona requirements, for example for restaurants and shops, planned from Monday onwards will be postponed in the district for a week, as the district announced.

Among those affected in the Coesfeld district are 230 infected people from the Westfleisch plant. 952 of the approximately 1,200 employees have already been tested there, said a spokesman for the company. The location remains closed. On Sunday there were also mass tests in a Westfleisch factory in Hamm. Around 1,000 employees were tested there, the rest should follow on Monday, said the Westfleisch spokesman. There were no results for the tests in Hamm on Monday. Where the upper limit was also exceeded read here.

Westfleisch wholesale slaughterhouse: In Coesfeld, the value of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants has already been exceeded. (Source: imago images / Kirchner-Media)Westfleisch wholesale slaughterhouse: In Coesfeld, the value of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants has already been exceeded. (Source: Kirchner-Media / imago images)

Experts: Corona crisis could promote vaccination readiness

Many people are eagerly awaiting vaccination against the new coronavirus. But there are also opposite views: At the weekend’s protest demonstrations against state measures to combat the pandemic, there were also opponents of vaccination. According to expert Bernd Harder from the Society for the Scientific Study of Parasciences, the corona crisis could, in the medium term, induce vaccination skeptics to rely more on vaccinations in the future. “Because they see what a world without vaccinations could look like.”

The pandemic also shows us how viruses can threaten our society, our prosperity and our existence. “My impression is that the vast majority of the population is very inclined to the idea of ​​vaccination,” concludes Christian Bogdan, an infection immunologist from Erlangen, who is also a member of the Standing Committee on Vaccination (Stiko) at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is on.

Warning of problems when starting daycare and school operations

The city and municipal association warns of massive difficulties in starting school and daycare in the coming weeks. “We have to organize a shift operation so that there are never too many children in the school building at the same time,” association president Uwe Brandl told the newspaper “Welt” on Monday. “We have to adjust the bus cycle times so that all students come to schools.” In rural areas, separate bus routes would have to be organized for this.

According to the previous requirements, there must be tendering procedures to find the cheapest entrepreneur. “If we continue to do this, we won’t be able to establish a bus service until October,” said Bradl. “We need quick decisions, including decisions that may take place outside of the previous public procurement practice.”

Spahn demands consistent action on site

Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has asked the authorities in the states and municipalities to take consistent action in the fight against the corona virus. “We need the courageous, comprehensive approach on site,” stressed Spahn on Sunday evening in the “Today Journal” of the ZDF. It is very important to quickly understand all infections and isolate contacts. Only if the counties acted immediately could the numbers be prevented from rising again nationwide.

The federal government had largely given the federal states a free hand last week to relax the corona requirements. However, a kind of emergency mechanism was agreed: According to this, strict restrictions should apply again in the region concerned if more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants are registered within a week. There are now five locations in Germany where this upper limit is exceeded. Read more here.

Spahn defended the agreement against criticism. “It works,” he said. It is important that everyone stands together. The debate is becoming increasingly polarized, as demonstrated by the demonstrations against the Corona requirements. Politicians must therefore explain and explain the necessary measures even better. It was far too early to give the all-clear: “We are still in the middle of this pandemic,” warned Spahn.

Jens Spahn: The Federal Minister of Health urges swift action in the regions (Source: dpa / Peter Kneffel)Jens Spahn: The Federal Minister of Health calls for quick action in the regions. (Source: Peter Kneffel / dpa)

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