Subero Coach Hanwha, “Focus on Moon Dong-ju” before the SSG 1st place match

Hanwha Eagles Manager, Carlos Subero

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(Daejeon = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Kyung-yoon = Hanwha Eagles manager Carlos Subero announced that he would focus on his team’s players, including starting pitcher Dong-ju Moon (19), before the home game on the 3rd, when SSG Landers’ first place in the regular season was confirmed.

At Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 3rd, coach Subero said, “If you lose a game today, you have to watch the opposing team win the game.” He said, “I didn’t say anything special to the players. ” The team still has three games left, and rookie Dong-Joo Moon is the last to start this season.

It means we will focus on our team players regardless of whether SSG wins or not.

First-placed SSG will go straight to the Korea Series if they win this game, regardless of the results of the remaining games.

After acquiring the SK Wyverns in January last year, SSG is aiming for the championship for the first time in two seasons, and is also challenging for the ‘wire-to-wire championship’, a first in the KBO league to keep first. where from the opening game until the last day of the regular season.

It’s a game that means a lot to SSG, but Subero, who finished last, has no time to worry about other teams.

“We have to play a high quality game for the future,” said Subero.

Also, coach Subero said, “I will make Dong-ju Moon throw up to 5 innings and about 85 pitches.”

Moon Dong-ju, who has pitched 23⅔ innings in 12 games this season, will maintain his rookie status next season if he throws less than 6⅓ innings in the remaining games.

According to KBO League rules, the requirements for rookie of the year are within 5 years of joining the club and within 30 innings of cumulative innings.

Coach Subero said, “I thought it would be ideal to throw 75 innings this year,” Subero said.

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