Subita Subhash sworn in as Paralam Panchayat President : Nattu Visesham

Addition: Subita Subhash Adhikarame as President of Paralam Grama Panchayat To.
Mini Vinayan resigned from the post of President after 20 months as per LDF Dharana, and was followed by Subita Subhash Pra, the 11th ward member of the CPI, who was appointed as Siddhan.

Asha Mathews of CPM became the Vice President. CPI National Council member KP Rajendra at the Convocation Conference N, CPM district committee member PR Varghese, Sheela Vijaya Kumar, Raghu K. Marath, Sebi Joseph Pellishery, Sheena Parayangatil, KK Srinivas Sun. KK Jobi, Jubi Mathew, Lijeev Payiyapat, PV Ashoka Minivinayan, PB Shajan spoke.

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