Summer girls have sex with beauty

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[Adroddiad dyddiol Sing Tao]The 14 “Summer Girls 2022” contestants met the media yesterday in swimsuits to promote the TVB Miss Hong Kong final tonight. Among them, “big breasts” Tan Yongchou (Annabelle), Ye Yuxian (Amber) and his wife Chen Siying (Michelle) were interviewed together. Michelle said that her husband who has been married for ten years does not mind at all and that she has no She also hopes to have the opportunity to shoot travel shows and pets in the future The show and the little film, but she immediately realized that he had said something wrong, her embarrassment changed her mouth to say that it was a micro-film, and she revealed that there were people making trouble during the filming, but it was nothing to do with her, just seeing some people being emotional, Annabelle pretended to be silly and asked ” Did someone make a fuss?” Amber could not forget her sincere tears in front of the camera. She mentioned that she had several claw marks on her chest. She explained that she had taken the cat to work at the pet show earlier and it was accidentally caught. Text: Zhong Shunying Photo: Tan Zhiguang

■ “Xilongtai” host Chen Siqi and a group of beauties met the media.

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