Survival horror “The Backrooms Multiplayer” Steam store page released with friends to escape from “that room” | Game * Spark

Developer Untold Backrooms Stories has made the early access survival horror “The Backrooms Footage” compatible with multiplayer, “The Backrooms Multiplayer]has been released on the Steam store page.

This work is a foreign net meme”The Back Roomsis a survival horror game based on “The Backrooms (Found Footage)”, which greatly contributed to the popularity of this meme. Players aim to escape by exploring multiple layers of levels divided by degrees of danger, in a highly immersive experience with live action graphics through the eyes of a video camera, including during gameplay.

“The Backrooms Multiplayer” will be released on Steam for PC (Windows / Linux) in November. If you own the original version, you can receive it for free. The original “The Backrooms Footage” is on sale in early access, and the price is 829 yen.

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