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New Delhi: The Popular Front of India is reported to have close links with the fundamentalist organization in Turkey. The organization has previously been accused of supplying weapons to Al Qaeda-linked terrorists involved in the Syrian civil war. Two top leaders of the Popular Front have also accepted the hospitality of the organization, news agency PTI reported, citing investigators.

The Popular Front is said to have a close relationship with the organization IHH, which is promoted as a human rights organization in Turkey. The name of the organization is ‘The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief’. But in January 2014, they were accused of being a voluntary organization linked to Al-Qaeda and of supplying weapons to terrorists in Syria.

A leaked email from Berat Albayrak, Turkey’s former finance minister and son-in-law of current President Tayyip Erdogan, mentioned that the IHH was arming Libyan institutions. IHH is an organization that works closely with MIT, the Turkish intelligence agency.

Members of the National Executive Council of the Popular Front, HE Abdul Rahiman, Prof. According to the ‘Nordic Monetary’ report, IHH gave P. Koya a private reception in Istanbul. Stockholm-based Nordic Monitor is an intelligence agency that tracks terrorism, fundamentalism, separatism and other crimes. Their main activity is centered in Turkey.

In 2016, when there was an attempted coup against Erdogan, the Popular Front issued a statement in support of Erdogan. It was later revealed that this was a move made by the intelligence service with Erdogan’s knowledge to concentrate the power of the Islamists in the government and silence the critics. The Turkish government has labeled the Popular Front as ‘persecuted by the Indian police’ in its official news agency.

Officials say both organizations work for extremist religious ideas. The report also shows that the Popular Front is similar to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Quoting these officials, PTI reported that the Popular Front in India and organizations in many other countries are working on the concept of Muslim Brotherhood, which involves uniting Muslims globally and becoming a political force by creating unrest among the force.

The Popular Front works for the benefit of its own organization and not for the benefit of the community. The report also states that the Popular Front used the word ‘faith’ more than the words used by the Muslim section to gain the support of the Christian section.

English Summary: PFI maintains close links with a radical Turkish group that provides arms to Syrian jihadists

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