Famous Japanese voice actor admits to having an affair for 10 years, and broadcast writer acts in crisis → radio broadcast ends abruptly

[스포츠조선닷컴 박아람 기자] Japanese voice actor Sakurai Takahiro apologized for causing trouble after he admitted to having an affair. According to Japanese ‘Weekly Bunchun’ on the 26th, Sakurai Takahiro’s ‘PS’ radio broadcast is doing well. He had been having a relationship with Mr A, the broadcast writer of “Takahiro” for 10 years. It is known […]

Is it true? Return Fat, make stuff, mong

Love each other because of Mo Yong Pae Myong: It’s a very common thing. But Fat Brother is more important than anything else. I can’t find fat Not fake or please the love I have for Fat Brother or Fat Brother has for me, it’s a very pure love and I love him very much. […]