CCTV-6 launched film restoration and super-clearing about 20,000 Chinese and foreign films for restoration — Fast Technology – Technology is Changing the Future

Baidu and the movie channel recently released the industry’s first ultra-high-definition model of the film and television industry – movie channel-Baidu·文心using one model to handle multiple tasks of video restoration at the same time, helping movie channels to improve video restoration efficiency in an overall way, and bring users clearer and more brilliant high-definition images […]

Explore the high-quality development path of film and television bases Golden Rooster Film Base Forum Held_Industry_China_Creation

Original title: Discussing the high quality development path of film and television centers Golden Rooster Foundation Forum Film Forum Held Photo courtesy of the organizer of the Golden Rooster Film Forum Foundation Forum, Xiamen, November 17. The 35th Golden Rooster Film Festival and Hundred Flowers China Golden Rooster Film Forum and Foundation Forum were […]