The risks of administering the drug are greater than the effects, Motol explains in the case of little Oliver

Motol University Hospital has resisted criticism for refusing to give little Oliver Zolgensm’s medicine. According to her representatives, she did not oblige the boy’s parents to give him the medicine. In addition, the substance could worsen the condition of the two-year-old Oliver sooner. The parents of a boy suffering from spinal muscular atrophy had previously […]

American showjumper suspected of administering electroshocks via spores | Equestrian

The equestrian world is on its back legs. According to Grandprix, a French equestrian magazine, the American Andrew Kocher uses electric traces. He therefore applies electric shocks to his horses during competitions to make them jump better. The photos do indeed show the mechanical doping. The International Equestrian Federation is aware of the allegations. Andrew […]