The US National Federation of Nurses criticized the government for inappropriately preventing an epidemic, and the number of confirmed cases in Japan exceeded 100,000 for two consecutive days – yqqlm

2022-11-17 20:21:42 Source: China News Network China News Agency, Beijing, November 17. Comprehensive news: According to data from the official website of the World Health Organization, as of 18:45 CET on November 16th, there were a total of 632,953,782 confirmed cases of new crowns worldwide , and a total of 6,593,715 deaths. Americas: The US […]

Taiwan just reported: 52,405 new confirmed cases of new corona, 37 new deaths

Global Current Affairs 4A1cyKQ8BDAarticleAfter Wen Zaiyin retired, he became a “distribution master”, and many books recommended by him were on the bestseller 4A1ceG071MZarticle3 have been injured in a terrorist attack north of the Iraqi capital, 4A1cVr5uXu3articleRussia: Planners of Terror Attack on Crimean Bridge Confirmed, Those Arrested Include Citizens of Russia, 4A1cYjacZinarticleChasing dreams! […]

Taiwan’s latest notification: 44,534 new confirmed cases of new crown, 76 new deaths

Global Current Affairs 49yLUmcKu7NarticleThe adviser of the Ukrainian president’s office calls the Crimean bridge “the beginning”, Russian media: admit responsibility for the terrorist 49yLreaamW6articleThe Crimean Bridge was damaged after a fire, and an adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine wrote: “This is the beginning” 49yKmA1w3cqarticleWarning! Russian Media: Local officials say the […]

Taiwan just reported: 43,085 new confirmed cases of new corona, 48 new deaths

Global Current Affairs 49sYfcueclMarticleCongratulations! Han Xu has been selected for the best team of the 2022 Women’s Basketball World 49sYXDwcZOIarticleMajor producers to meet on October 5 to discuss cuts in oil 49sYHN9aXODarticleA building collapses in central Baghdad, 49sUx4El14aarticleThe pilot who drives the J-20 to escort the heroic martyrs has it! 49sMiKAM4JuarticleSuper clear […]

Daxing’anling district in Heilongjiang announced the activity trajectory of 1 new confirmed case

Global Current Affairs 49rbSw8yKFHarticleThe German government to spend 200 billion euros to fight against rising energy 49rbD9ntgSwarticleRussian media: Japan’s foreign minister says diplomats expelled from Japan have left Russia but have not arrived in 49rZJqljCXoarticleHurricane Ian hits Florida, leaving more than 2.6 million customers without 49raBQQnx07articleA joint US-Japan-South Korea anti-submarine exercise is […]

Taiwan just reported: 40,025 new confirmed cases of new corona, 41 new deaths

Global Current Affairs 49ls3SJ1c7zarticleDutch police seize more than 2,200 kilograms of drugs in two 49lrj2SzquwarticleIceland conducts first anti-terror operation, arrests four, seizes guns and 49lrg0fzENTarticleArmenia accuses Azerbaijan of violating the ceasefire 49lnYNkOQKKarticleLive video! Joint Sino-Russian naval patrol in Pacific 49lj5uWJlSiarticleUS nuclear aircraft carrier group will arrive in South Korea, take part […]