Worried Passengers Probably Won’t See Refunds After Airlines End Physical Distance

TORONTO – WestJet and Air Canada will soon resume selling all seats on their flights, ending their attempts at physical distancing – a decision that has forced many passengers to request refunds. As of July 1, passengers will no longer be spaced on flights, as airlines will start selling the middle seats, once blocked in […]

The three major Chinese airlines all take delivery of their first ARJ21

Air China, China Eastern and China Southern have all taken delivery of their first COMAC ARJ21 aircraft since June 28. Each of these small jets can accommodate 90 passengers and represents China’s attempt to penetrate the regional commercial aviation market. The three major Chinese airlines have taken delivery of their first ARJ21s simultaneously. Photo: Getty […]

Latest Coronavirus Rules for Passengers Traveling on Airlines Departing from Heathrow Airport

The government is continually reviewing and updating its travel directives as the coronavirus pandemic continues to change and evolve. Airlines and airports have introduced numerous measures to prevent the spread of the virus and to ensure the safety of passengers and staff. Although the rules may differ from one company to another, the general directives […]

The three main Chinese airlines receive the first COMAC ARJ21 plane

[ Aircraft Orders and Deliveries ]June 28, 2020 12:19 p.m. ET By Bulent Imat The three main Chinese airlines receive the first COMAC ARJ21 plane On Sunday, the three largest Chinese airlines – Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines – took delivery of the ARJ21 aircraft from COMAC, the first Chinese regional […]

Iberia: All airlines have thought that we could go bankrupt

They will survive, which the rest cannot guarantee R. R l Bogotá | June 28, 2020 13 Comments RELATED TOPICS: Air Europa, Coronavirus, Iberia, Luis Gallego The president of Iberia, Luis Gallego, assures this Sunday in an interview that “all the airlines” have thought “at some point” of the possibility that they could not survive, […]

Goodbye, Big Bird: NokScoot Airlines ceases operations

The Covid-19 pandemic claimed another victim: the regional low cost NokScoot is closing. Although the company’s board of directors decided yesterday to liquidate the airline, the decision will be announced at a general shareholders’ meeting in 2 weeks. The measure will leave about 450 employees unemployed, except for the few who will stay to work […]

Critics Are Not On Board With Airlines Decrease In-Flight Physical Distance During COVID-19

Canada’s Two Largest Airlines’ Decision To Relax Onboard Physical Distancing Policies Next Month Is Under Fire From Those Concerned About Health Consequences To Do Amid Amid COVID-19 Pandemic . Air Canada and WestJet announced Friday that they will begin selling tickets for adjacent seats effective July 1, after blocking access to these seats in recent […]

Airlines: What to do with the Swiss airline Swiss?

Keystone 1/8 The largest airline in Europe is saved – and with it the subsidiary airline Swiss. The state aid package, which Lufthansa shareholders approved almost unanimously on Thursday, is worth nine billion euros. keystone-sda.ch 2/8 For weeks there was uncertainty about the outcome of the vote: Heinz Hermann Thiele (79), with 15 percent of […]

Airlines cut first class seats due to coronavirus – BGR

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, some airlines have stopped offering first class seating options to travelers. The move comes as many airlines are starting to opt for smaller planes in response to a drastic reduction in air travel. Airlines may not recover from the coronavirus until 2022, some experts say. The airline industry has […]

Alaska Airlines To Use UV Light To Combat COVID-19 As Passengers Raise Other Concerns

Alaska Airlines sent a statement to KIRO 7 on Friday, writing, “We rely heavily on our customers who do the right thing for the good of all on board our flights. When faced with a situation of non-compliance, our flight attendants use their training to guide them on how to react and to learn more […]