US election 2020: Trump-Biden invites people to vote ahead No need to wait until date | RYT9

US President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Invited people to vote for the leader of the country No need to wait for the actual election day 3 Nov The move comes after a large number of Americans have come out to vote. Either by mail or by voting in person. This is […]

American Airlines plans to bring Boeing 737 | RYT9

American Airlines Group revealed today. The airline plans to return the Boeing 737 Max to passenger service later this year. Subject to the boarding license of this aircraft from the United States Aviation Administration (FAA). The airline said it would bring the 737 Max to operate flights between Miami and New York. Between 29 Dec […]

Meghan Markle Says Online Abuse “Almost Insurmountable”

The Duchess of Sussex and former American actress Meghan Markle have talked about the online abuse she suffered when she married the royal family. According to People Magazine, Markle recently appeared alongside Prince Harry on the “Teenager Therapy” podcast, hosted by five high school seniors in Anaheim, California, and discussed the toll social media can […]

Collection of scientific news: discoveries of black holes win the Nobel Prize in Physics 2020; Boeing’s best starliner astronaut retires from space mission role and more

Below is a summary of the current scientific news. Boom Supersonic launches a demonstration aircraft in an attempt to break the sound barrier Boom Supersonic on Wednesday unveiled its first X-B1 demonstration aircraft, which is expected to begin flight tests next year, in a milestone for the US startup planning a commercial airliner that can […]

HeadHunter: Announces the start of trading of its US depository shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange

HeadHunter Group PLC announces the start of trading of its US depository shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange MOSCOW, Russia, September 25, 2020 – HeadHunter Group PLC (Nasdaq: HHR, MOEX: HHRU) (the ‘Company’) has announced the start of trading of its American Depositary Shares (ADS) (ticker: HHRU) on the Moscow Stock Exchange . Commenting on […]

Big enough for you? | Opinion

I am writing this editorial because I can no longer remain silent as the country I grew up in is slowly being corrupted by Donald Trump and his flatterers. We didn’t know who Donald Trump was in 2016 due to the cover-ups, publicly announced investigations only for Hillary Clinton (while in fact both were under […]

Kelly Clarkson reflects on the 18th anniversary of ‘American Idol’ victory

Kelly won the first season of American idol, taking the initiative Justin Guarini. Last year on her talk show, the Grammy-winning artist explained about the lasting effect it had on her career, “I never thought the show would have an impact. I mean, look what it did: l domino effect was crazy. “ It’s been […]

CITIZEN COLUMNIST: My favorite American cities: New Orleans | Local business news

Other excursions are worth your time: the Garden District, Tulane campus, the old Charity Hospital (now undergoing renovations for Tulane University and housing / shopping), and the Ninth Ward. Several famous Florentine surgeons trained at the old Charity Hospital. My favorite New Orleans restaurants include Antons, The Court of Two Sisters, Brennans (actually, many of […]

Attorney General Moody announces a $ 85 million multi-state deal with Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Attorney General Moody announces a $ 85 million multi-state deal with Honda Motor Co., Inc. TALLAHASSEE, Florida: Attorney General Ashley Moody, along with attorneys general from 47 other states and territories, today reached an agreement with American Honda Motor Co., Inc. and Honda of America Mfg., Inc. to secure payment to the states of more […]

Sharon Stone, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Paulson Judy Davis, Finn Wittrock on being part of the Ryan Murphy universe

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