Bringing out my usual inner me: Lee Sun-bin from ‘Drinking City Women 2’

last year Afterwards, Lee Sun-bin filmed a game commercial with Han Seon-hwa and Jung Eun-ji and became the new model for the newly released ramen bibim. He was invited to the Cannes International Series Festival and stood on the red carpet in Cannes. As well as some indicators of box office success and timeliness, is […]

Park Ji-hyun, goddess of chemistry who improves immersion in ‘the youngest son of a conglomerate family’

Actress Park Ji-hyun became the goddess of chemistry.Park Ji-hyun, who plays the role of ‘Mo Hyun-min’ in the Friday-Saturday JTBC drama ‘The youngest son of the conglomerate family’ (director Dae-yoon Jeong, screenwriter Kim Tae-hee, Jang Eun-jae , production SLL, Rae Mong-raein, family chaebol youngest son industry company industry), Park Ji-hyun, who performs passionately, They show […]

Ahn Moon-sook’s mother “I can’t even enter my mother’s room”… Park Won-sook’s confession at the police station (Let’s live together)

‘Let’s live with Park Won-sook’ The four sisters talked about each other’s wounds and concerns.In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Let’s Live Together with Park Won-sook’, which will be broadcast on the 6th, by living together middle-aged female stars who live alone, they will talk about the reality and worries of middle age. generation without hesitation. […]