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Friday, July 3, 2020


IFE, pensions and benefits: who does ANSES pay this Monday, June 29

People who received the Unemployment Benefit (Plan 1), with DNIs ended at 8 and 9, will also collect the benefit on Monday. The National Social Security Administration (CONSIDERED) started paying last week on Emergency Family Income (IFE) to...
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Disney Research’s neural face swapping technique can provide high-resolution photorealistic video – TechCrunch

New document published by Disney Research in partnership with ETH Zurich describes a fully automated neural network-based method for...
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Russia denies radiation incident despite striking measurements in Northern Europe

The registered particles, according to the international organization, are the result of a nuclear fission caused by humans. The Swedish and Finnish nuclear authorities...

The sale of AAP is finalized, which avoids the closure of an 85-year-old “ vital ” press wire

The future of the Australian Associated Press (AAP) newswire has been secured with the inking of a sale to new owners who say they...

25 confirmed cases of COVID-19 now linked to a nail salon in Kingston, Ontario.

Kingston, Ontario area health unit confirms three more COVID-19 cases related to a nail salon in the city of eastern Ontario, warning that all...