The list of best international films selected by country and region for the 95th Academy Awards has been released in Mainland China and Hong Kong

Original title: Countries and regions selected the best international film list for the 95th Academy Awards. Mainland China and Hong Kong have not yet been determined. Sohu Entertainment News The application for the 95 Academy Awards is about to close, and countries and regions have successively announced the films competing for the Best International Film […]

“Flood in Korat” warns 20 districts, 9,000 households under water Reservoir situation update

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Division, Nakhon Ratchasima Province The announcement emphasizes people to be careful of dangers “heavy rain” wind of windarainbuild up, which can causeflash floodAnd wild water flows, especially on hillsides near waterways and in marshy areas. He also announced that “flood warningIn 20 areas, where the flood situation has affected almost 9,000 […]

A man found documents against Abe’s state funeral at the scene of the self-immolation incident in an area where Japanese government offices are concentrated_Japanese man sets himself on fire near the prime minister’s residence_Japan Metropolitan Police Agency_Kyodo News

2022-09-21 09:26 Source: China Youth Network Original title: A man found documents against Abe’s state funeral at the scene of the self-immolation incident in the area where Japanese government agencies are concentrated The scene of the man’s self-immolation (Japan Kyodo News) Foreign Network, September 21st According to Kyodo News on the 21st, the Japan Metropolitan […]

Global Connection | Russian army said they are attacking the Ukrainian army in several directions Ukrainian side accused Russia of attacking the nuclear power plant_Xinhua News Agency_Luhansk_region

Original title: Global Connection | The Russian army said it was attacking the Ukrainian army from multiple directions, and the Ukrainian side accused Russia of attacking the nuclear power plant Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 20. The Russian army said on the 19th that the Russian army, in the last day, attacked the Ukrainian army […]

World wide Connection | Typhoon “Xuan Lannuo” handed via South Korea, leading to 10 fatalities and catastrophe in Japan_Xinhua Information Company_District_Road

Initial title: World-wide Link | Typhoon “Xuan Lannuo” handed by way of South Korea, causing 10 fatalities and disaster in Japan Xinhua Information Company, Beijing, September 7. This year’s No. 11 typhoon “Xuan Lannuo” passed by South Korea on the 6th, leading to quite a few fatalities and hurt to roadways, residences and farmland in […]

The building of the Jakarta-Bandung high-pace railway is of higher good quality and is promoted to build a landmark job of the “Belt and Highway”_Indonesia_Bandung_educate

Primary title: Encourage the development of large-top quality Jakarta-Bandung higher-velocity railway to build a landmark “Belt and Street” project CCTV Information(Information Network): The initial shipment of Chinese-created Jakarta-Bandung higher-speed railway trains arrived at the Port of Jakarta, Indonesia The Jakarta-Bandung significant-speed railway has offered a new increase to the regional economic development. Just after 11 […]

6 areas in Xichang, Sichuan have been specified as large chance regions and 10 places have been selected as medium danger spots

On August 29, 2022, the reporter uncovered from the Unexpected emergency Headquarters Office of Xichang Metropolis, Sichuan, in accordance with the desires of the present epidemic avoidance and command situation in Xichang Metropolis, in accordance with the Point out Council’s reaction to the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the group complete joint prevention and control mechanism […]

Sanya, Hainan: Large danger spots are adjusted to 5 medium hazard places to 42

In accordance to the needs of the current epidemic prevention and control get the job done in Sanya City, Hainan, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Program (Ninth Edition)” of the Joint Prevention and Regulate System of the Point out Council for Epidemic Novel Corona Virus […]

There are 12 large threat places in Hainan Dongfang City, 37 medium hazard areas

On August 26, the reporter discovered from the 18th press meeting of Dongfang City New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Function Headquarters that in accordance to the epidemic scenario, correctly alter the delineation of medium and significant risk regions, and cut down the command and r management is arranged. the degree of the city’s […]