Cash, the roof drops to 2 thousand euros. The bonus for the costs of the Pos arrives: the news of July on payments

MILANO – Take a double novelty to try to limit the use of cash and instead encourage traceable payments: from the first of July the ceiling for regulating transactions via cash drops to 2 thousand euros, while the bonus linked to the obligation for professionals arrives to install the POS to collect electronic payments. The […]

“Beyond a Steel Sky” arrives on Apple Arcade tomorrow

Under a steel sky was one of the first video games to offer a calendar for non-playable characters (NPCs). They wandered in a scene. By 2020 standards, it’s a feature you see in almost every game, but in 1994 it was revolutionary. This time around, Revolution has developed an AI that, according to the studio, […]

McDonald’s arrives in Jodoigne, with a drive-in

The fastfood will be installed in the Trafic car park, between the latter and the fuel pump. It was in the air for a few weeks, it is now official: Jodoigne will soon welcome a McDonald’s on its territory. The town planning permit was granted this Friday by the municipal college. The fastfood will be […]