Background of the Provincial Video games | 1990 Provincial Online games, a reward to the Beijing Asian Video games with superior results_Hunan Moment_Sports Channel

Editor’s be aware Race from the occasions and fly in direction of the dream. From September 8 to September 18, 2022, Beijing time, the 14th Hunan Provincial Online games will be held in Yueyang Metropolis. As the 4-year Hunan Sports Festival methods, Hongwang Athletics integrates authoritative supplies this kind of as “Hunan Provincial Chronicle Sports […]

Open the story of “Lydia de Vega-Mergado”, the famous Philippine hurricane, died.

“Lydia de Vega-MergadoA whirlwind tale of Philippines died Down at 57 immediately after battling indications breast most cancers All over the past, she is one particular of the athletes who have created historical past for the country’s athletics business. a gold coin sporting activities Asian Game titles , SEA Video games and Asian Athletics Championships […]

“Amanda Carr”, fifty percent Thai-American, altered career to pilot.

“Amanda Carr“or Amanda Carr Fifty percent Thai-American a previous pupil BMX cycling, Thai countrywide team sports activities gold medalist Asian Games yr 2014 in South Korea which is considered a historical gold piece of biking BMX oh Thai nationwide group Due to the fact, as you know, “Amanda Carr” aged 32, has declared that he […]

“Kunatip Pidnuch” recovers the name of the Thai national boxing team, collecting 1 gold medal from Kuwait.

competitioninternational boxing KUWAIT INTERNATIONAL BOXING CHAMPIONSHIPS “Kuwait International Boxing” at Kuwait City, Kuwait by International Boxing Association of Thailand Send athletes to participate in the competition, a total of 5 models from the competition, a total of 7 models, by “Thai National Boxing Team” Passed into the finals of 3 models, namely 57 kg. Sarawut […]

OCA announces “Hangzhou Asian Games” 23 Sep.-8

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) released a statement saying: China to host sporting events “Hangzhou Asian Games” on 23 Sep.-8 Oct. 2023 Previously, the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, was scheduled for September 10-25, 2022, but was postponed to May due to The outbreak of COVID-19 in China has resulted in a […]

China will be the venue for the Asian Games postponed due to Covid

Gangshu: The Asian Games, which were supposed to be held in 2022, have been decided to be held in 2023. China, which was selected as the venue in 2022, will host the Asian Games in 2023. This was informed by the Olympic Council of Asia. The Asian Games will be held from September 23 to […]

Asian Games postponed to September 2023? | Asian Games postponed to September 2023?

BEIJING: The Asian Games, which were postponed in the wake of China’s Kovid expansion, are expected to be postponed this year. It will have to be postponed to next year considering the tough competition schedule. That too can be done in September or so. Fierce competition awaits the world in the coming months. Next year, […]

Hangzhou Asian Games postponed Asian Organizing Committee answers related questions_Chengdu Universiade postponed to 2023_Hangzhou Asian Games postponed_Work

Original title: Hangzhou Asian Games postponed, Asian Organizing Committee answers related questions Asian Games propaganda elements on the streets of Hangzhou.Photo by Qian Chenfei China News Service, Hangzhou, May 7 (Qian Chenfei) After the announcement of the postponement of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the Hangzhou Asian Games), […]