Coronavirus Australia News: Victoria heads to case peak as Melbourne hot spots cause infections and live coverage

Victorian health officials say the state is headed for a “second bump” in the cases after 41 new cases of coronavirus were revealed on Saturday, 15 of which are believed to be linked to community-based transmission. Stay up to date on the coronavirus epidemic Follow the blog live. Live updates 1mminute sincesatSaturday 27 JuneJune 2020 […]

Coronavirus Australia: Why Covid-19 Is Not Going Soon

There is a problem with success. It breeds complacency. As Australia squabbles over pandemic restrictions, the deadly virus explodes around the world. Have they forgotten that they haven’t come out yet? Worldwide, almost 10 million people have contracted Covid-19. Almost 500,000 people died. And the rate of infection is only accelerating. In the United States, […]

“Blown away”: Australian coronavirus researchers examine everything from breastfeeding to explosives technology | News from Australia

More than 200 Australian studies of Covid-19 are underway, going far beyond finding a vaccine. Almost all Covid-19 research projects led by Australians were captured in a report released on Saturday, including studies on breastfeeding guidelines for parents with Covid-19, filtering systems to eliminate the virus via air conditioning systems, wastewater monitoring to detect the […]

3 of the best first-rate ASX 200 stocks to buy in July // Motley Fool Australia

Want to add some top-notch ASX 200 stocks to your portfolio in July? Then the three listed below could be considered. I believe these blue chip stocks have the potential to generate solid total returns for investors over the next few years. Here’s why I would buy them next month: The first premium ASX 200 […]

I would buy cheap stocks today to get rich and retire earlier // Motley Fool Australia

Buying cheap stocks today may not produce an impressive return in the short term. After all, the global economy is facing a period of significant uncertainty caused by coronavirus. Lockdowns are likely to cause higher unemployment and lower GDP growth in many large economies, which could lead to difficult operating conditions for many listed companies. […]

Bain Capital signs agreement with Virgin Australia administrator to purchase struggling airline

SYDNEY: US private equity group Bain Capital said on Friday that it had agreed with the administrator of Virgin Australia Holdings to purchase Australia’s second largest airline for an undisclosed amount, banking on a takeover of the aviation sector. Bain’s offer was selected from a competing offer from Cyrus Capital Partners and a recaptal proposal […]

Where to invest $ 5,000 in ASX stocks in July // Motley Fool Australia

With interest rates at very low levels and expected to remain so for the foreseeable future, I continue to believe that investors would do better to place excess funds in the equity market. But where should you invest these funds? Here are the top three stocks in which I would invest $ 5,000 in July: […]

How I would invest for passive income if the market collapsed again // Motley Fool Australia

Obtaining passive income has become more difficult in recent months, as a number of stocks have reduced their dividends. There may be other changes in dividend policies if another stock market crash occurs later in the year, making the task of generating income from your capital even more difficult. However, by focusing on defensive stocks […]

How I would build a $ 50,000 growth portfolio // Motley Fool Australia

If you are looking to build a portfolio, I think it is important to build it with your goals and your risk profile in mind. This means that if you are between 20 and 30 years old, your portfolio will likely be very different from that approaching retirement. On this occasion, I will consider building […]