Shane Crawford slams Essendon Zach Merrett bombers’ game ban for a punch to Carlton’s Jack Silvagni

AFL legend Shane Crawford slammed the ban on match granted to Essendon midfielder Zach Merrett for a punch to Jack Silvagni of Carlton while he was trying to kick. Silvagni has been sent to hospital with a rib fracture and a bruised lung following the incident of a narrow point victory by Carlton, and the […]

Abolish the ban on political gestures, calls on the IOC Commission of Athletes

“Athletes can no longer be silenced. We are now at a crossroads. The IOC and the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) cannot continue to punish athletes who speak out for what they believe, especially when these views are in line with the objectives of Olympism, ‘ USOPC AAC). American sprinters Tommie Smith (center) and John Carlos […]

Caravan sales explode during travel ban as young Australians and families move in for “ gray-nomad vacations ”

With overseas travel until 2021, Australians are turning to new ways to spend their vacations and are taking advantage of the flexibilities. Key points: Caravan dealers report record sales, while vacation parks are “overwhelmed” with visitors. The state-of-the-art caravan group said that up to a third of the peak was made up of newcomers, many […]

Louisiana state senator suggests state implement Texas travel ban

In March, Governor Abbott asked travelers to Louisiana to quarantine themselves. Now, at least one legislator is considering doing the same in Texas. BEAUMONT, Texas – The table could turn on Texas. Louisiana state senator Troy Carter of Louisiana suggests that Louisiana closes its border to the Texans. In an interview with 12News WWL-TV’s sister […]

EU to ban most US residents from going into pandemic, reports | European Union

The European Union is on the verge of preventing most US residents from visiting the region when travel resumes due to concerns about the coronavirus, according to several reports. EU officials are settling on a final “safe list” of countries whose residents may visit the bloc in July, but the United States, Brazil and Russia […]

US riders rush to return to Europe as EU travel ban looms

When US President Donald Trump suddenly announced a travel ban from Europe in March, American riders in Europe had to face a difficult choice: stay put and be forced to chase the terrible coronavirus pandemic away from the family and friends indefinitely, or take the first flight to the United States. Most runners chose the […]

Europe to ban travel to Americans for coronavirus: finalized

The European Union will prevent Americans from visiting its member states like the United States coronavirus cases continue to increase. The United States is among dozens of countries excluded from the list of safe countries whose citizens can travel to Europe after the bloc reopens on July 1. The countries on the safe list are […]

Travel ban on Europe against US visitors would be a major blow to airlines

Last year, flights across the Atlantic to Europe and other destinations accounted for about 17% of passenger revenue for United Airlines, or about $ 7.4 billion. These flights generated about 15% of all passenger revenues for Delta, or $ 6.4 billion, and about 11% of passenger revenues, or $ 4.6 billion, for American Airlines. They […]