Lakers have no answer for Nikola Jokic, Nuggets win game 3, 114-106 – NBC Los Angeles

After the heartbreaking defeat of the Nuggets in the second game of the Western Conference Finals, Nikola Jokic was asked if his team understood anything when it came to defending the Lakers. “Maybe,” he said, staring directly at the camera that was broadcasting his post-match interview live to reporters across the country. The question was […]

NBA: Theis is back with the Boston Celtics against the Miami Heat

German basketball pro Daniel Theis made a comeback with the Boston Celtics in the semi-finals of the North American professional league. The NBA record champions won 117: 106 against the Miami Heat and then reduced to 1: 2 in the Eastern Conference best-of-seven final series. The night before the duel, Boston coach Brad Stevens reportedly […]

The Boston Celtics were effective at painting in Game 3

The series of End of the Eastern Conference ‘restart. The Boston Celtics have corrected themselves, they have been able to close the game at the end without making many mistakes and turnovers to return after beating the Miami Heat in Game 3 117-106. Forced was the reaction of the boys of Brad Stevens after letting […]

NBA 2020 Playoffs: Miami Heat v Boston Celtics, live

NBA 2020 playoffs Third game of the Eastern Conference final Q3. 4:43 Heat 62-81 Celtics A free throw by Jaylen Brown that scores 24 points. Q3. 5:30 Heat 62-78 CelticsQ3. 6:02 Heat 60-78 CelticsQ3. 6:41 Heat 60-76 Celtics Q3. 7:12 Heat 58-76 Celtics This game doesn’t seem to escape ? NBA on Movistar + […]

Because Winthrop, Rock Hill hosting bubble basketball makes sense

ROCK HILL The first talks of a college basketball season propelled Winthrop University and Rock Hill into the national conversation. Multiple national media reports, including those of Darren Rovell of Action Network is John Fanta of Fox Sports, says sports marketing firm G3 Marketing is close to closing a partnership with Winthrop to use its […]

Crying Jeremy Lin seeks return to the NBA after a season in China

BEIJING: Jeremy Lin said on Tuesday (September 15) that he will be leaving the Beijing Ducks after a season in China and wants to return to the NBA, where he unleashed the 2012 “Linsanity” craze. The 32-year-old guard, who as a 2019 Toronto Raptors player became the first Asian-American to win an NBA championship, signed […]

Donovan Mitchell has a warning for the NBA

Donovan Mitchell is confident that Jazz can be a force for years to come. Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz have had a lot of experiences this season. They looked like a team of dark horses at the Western Conference until Rudy Gobert and Mitchell’s positive COVID tests tried to threaten the team’s chemistry. Entering […]

Boston excludes Toronto in Game 7, Denver stays alive against Clippers – NBA

Winners of the Raptors, the Celtics made up their ticket to the Conference Finals tonight. Not the Clippers, overthrown by the Nuggets. Toronto v Boston: 87-92 (Boston qualified, 4-3)Win and qualification for Boston! Epilogue of an exciting, electrifying and suspenseful series, Game 7 is back on the bubble for the Celtics, Toronto winners last night […]

Because this next chapter between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics will not disappoint us

There are few people in the NBA who don’t like themselves more than Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge and Miami Heat president Pat Riley, and they have been for four decades. The playoffs are back! Tune in here. Saturday 12th September• I play 5 Rockets-Lakers, 8 ET on ESPN Sunday 13 September• Set of 6 […]

NBA Bubble also works for actors and service workers

Months before LeBron James entered a pandemic bubble at Disney World to resume the NBA season, Teresa Emery spent two weeks kidnapped with her colleagues as the new coronavirus spread around them. Ms. Emery and her crew at DTE Energy Co. worked 12 hours a day, then returned to a nearby hotel where they received […]