Find the King of Online Gaming, Ryzen 7 5800X3D vs Core i7-13700K

The first people-in-office are nicknamed the King. Twist King is the number one twist, Robot King is the number one robot, Koi King is the number one carp, etc. Of course, there are occasional exceptions like Armor King, but in general, when it comes to King, you can understand it as the first factor. So […]

Sony claims “Battlefield” isn’t as good as “Decisive Moment”, and Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is still burning | 4 Gamers

Sony vs Microsoft, the curtain won’t close anytime soon. Sony recently claimed in a document in response to the censorship agency that EA’s “Battlefield” has been working hard for many years, but it is still not as good as “Decisive Moment”. Review the latest battle situation, based on Microsoft’s statement that “it is impossible to […]

88% discount by Steam on the history of “Battlefield 1” the number of players increases to a new high level, almost 10 times the number of “Battlefield 2042” during the week | 4 Gamers

In two weeks, “Battlefield 1” (Battlefield 1) is about to reach the 6th anniversary of its launch, and EA once again offers an always low 88% discount on Steam. The game has also attracted a large number of players, not only breaking into the Steam best-selling site, but also setting a new record The game […]

BF2042: Follow-up report on the troop system that will be revived in Season 3, equipment restrictions / weapon restrictions for each troop category | EAA!! FPS news

Electronic Arts and DICE have released a sequel to Battlefield 2042’s revival of the troop system in the second half of Season 3. Current Specialists are classified into four Army types: Engineers, Scouts, Support, and Assault, each with its own equipment itself. “BF2042” soldier system revival Assault Troops: Frontline fighters specializing in anti-soldier warfare – […]

“BF2042” Update 2.1 September 27 release: “Refresh” map rework / New vehicle Polaris RZR / 3 types of portal weapons added from “BF3” and “BC2” / New events, etc.

Electronic Arts and DICE’s “Master of Arms” Season 2 “Battlefield 2042” is underway. This will be followed by the release of the 2.1 update on September 27th at 5pm Japan time. Update BF2042 2.1 Season 2 of “BF2042”, which is underway with content such as the new Expert Crawford, will continue with the season update […]

BF2042: Season 2 “Battle Token Trailer” Released All new content unlockable for free / All rank 100 items like skins and charms included | EAA!! FPS news

In Electronic Arts and DICE’s “Battlefield 2042”, Season 2 “Master of Arms” will start at 9:00 pm Japan time on August 30th. Before the season update, the “Battle Pass Trailer” was released to introduce 100 degrees of Battle Pass content. “BF2042” Season 2 “Master of Weapons” Begins Battlefield 2042 | Season 2: Master of Weapons […]

Battlefield 2042 to reintroduce ‘classes’ in period 3 later this calendar year

▲ EA has unveiled important opinions related to Battlefield 2042 ‘Expert’ (image supply: Battlefield 2042 official site) On the 22nd, EA released an update brief for Battlefield 2042. The most notable of these was the news that professionals would be assigned by ‘class’. The ‘expert’ technique, which was out of class, will be preserved as […]