Predict the horoscope of the zodiac elements 12. What will your horoscope be like?

First of all, let’s understand that Which zodiac sign is in which element? news team today Thainews Online I will bring everyone to understand the table of the elements of the Zodiac as follows. earth element Those born under the zodiac sign Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. water element These include people born under the zodiac sign […]

6 zodiac signs, luck, openness, good news coming soon

Horoscope of 12 zodiac signs after the sun moves 17 November 2022, what will your horoscope be? Aries Subordinates bring problems, they can’t rely on them, everything has to be done by yourself. There are criteria to earn money from illness or damage. Taurus Excellence in work and fan love There is a good opportunity […]

Scorpio weekly horoscope

biweekly horoscope 16-30 November 2565. larrier eg Scorpio (Nov. 16 – Dec. 15) work This is when people will feel more pressure on their work. Maybe there are things that make you feel like you can’t find a way out. eight sides of the dark And you may still need to lead a team to […]

Horoscope every other week Cancer

biweekly horoscope 1-15 November 2565. larrier eg Cancer (15 Jul – 16 Aug) work During this time, you will have some work to do. Make your main task less forward. If you are a business owner You have to look into the budget. or expenses in the company more than ever Because there may be […]

Pisces biweekly horoscope

biweekly horoscope 1-15 November 2565. larrier eg Pisces (14 March – 12 April) work During these two weeks, you may get a job you don’t like or a job you don’t like. including the reluctant work that comes in. This is when you can’t turn down a job because it’s directly from an adult. If […]

3 zodiac signs included work Good work until the end of the year 2022

3 zodiac signs included work Good work until the end of the year 2022 Aries 14 April-14 May What progress month are you waiting for answers about work that will change for the better? From November to December It is considered the month of fame. promotion promotion Opportunities for promotion await you. Or even get […]

Discover the history of kimono, the Japanese national dress where it came from

history of kimono Starting from the Nara period (AD 710 – 794), before the kimono became popular. The Japanese often wear the same top and bottom pieces or the same fabric. Later in the Heian period (794 – 1192 AD) This is the beginning of wearing a kimono. The Japanese developed a technique for cutting […]

Scorpio biweekly horoscope

Check the horoscope every two weeks 16-31 October 2565. larrier eg Scorpio (Nov. 16 – Dec. 15) work Your work is not going well these days. Maybe something goes wrong all the time. which is not caused by you at all Be careful when connecting and talking to the work, where the other party may […]

Uncover the history of Wat Sri Suphan after the 500-year-old relics collapsed.

Because yesterday (29 October. 65) there was an incident at Phra That Chedi Wat Sri Suphan. Older than 500 years old, inside Wat Sri Suphan, Hai Ya Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai Province, collapsed and damaged. Inside the cracked dungeon, there are two old Buddha images. and a number of relics As for […]