Death threat to Rahul Gandhi; Letter to kill in bomb blast – Rahul Gandhi

MUMBAI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and former Madhya Pradesh chief minister and Congress state president Kamal Nath have received death threats. On the day the Bharat Jodo Yatra enters Indore, both of them are threatened with being killed by a bomb blast. The news agency reports that the letter mentions the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 […]

Rahul says enough has happened; He speaks without listening; He was caught and put in a car rahul gandhi | bharat jodo yatra | manoramanews | Sonia Gandhi Congress | Karnataka | India News | National News

While suffering from health problems and undergoing treatment, Sonia Gandhi came to walk with Rahul as part of the Bharat Jodo Yatra. After walking for a while as part of the journey, Sonia was not ready to retreat even though she felt tired. But when Rahul realized this, he forced his mother into the car. […]

The officer came to look for a facility for the MP to eat; Rahul Gandhi MP has arrived! | Bharat Jodo Yatra | Bharat Jodo Yatra | Rahul Gandhi | Rahul Gandhi | Palakkad News | Around | Malayalam Manorama Area News | Palakkad News | Kerala Circle News | Chuttuvattom

Yesterday morning, a Tamil speaking official came to Namboothiris Hotel in Vatanamkurissi and asked if it would be possible for MP and 10 other people to get food. After looking at the bathroom and kitchen, they left. Owner Vikraman Namboothiri also said that it can be prepared. At eight o’clock they said the food was […]