121 out of 156 deaths in ‘Itaewon disaster’… 7 foreigners return

[공동취재] The Central Security and Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters announced that 121 Koreans who died in the Itaewon disaster have completed the ceremony, and that 7 foreigners have been returned to their home countries. He also explained that 9 people are currently in the mortuary, 19 foreigners are waiting to be repatriated, and that 135 of […]

The funeral of the late Roh Tae-woo, mixed voices of mourning

◀ anchor ▶ The funeral and funeral ceremony of the late Roh Tae-woo, who served as the 13th president, were held today. According to the wishes of the deceased, it was performed simply. As opinions about the life of the deceased were mixed, voices commemorating the deceased and voices criticizing them were mixed up to […]