Unstoppable Yuta Watanabe succeeds in four consecutive 3-point shots in the 4th quarter and becomes the driving force behind the defeat of the Grizzlies! – Basket Account | Basket Account

Led a 16-5 run in the final quarter A game where the Nets hosted the Grizzlies at home. Yuta Watanabe showed great success in leading the team to victory in a game that attracted attention as Kyrie Irving returned from suspension. After failing to make a difference in the first half and trailing 57-62, the […]

Japan Men’s National Basketball Team shines with solid defense, overwhelms Kazakhstan, ends Window 5 with back-to-back wins – Basketball Score | Basket Account

Led by Yoshii, who scored a game-high 15 points, the offense was balanced inside and outside. The Japan Men’s National Basketball Team faced Kazakhstan in the second match of Window 5 of the World Cup Asian qualifiers. Japan showed solid defense throughout the game, scoring from drives in the first half and scoring from outside […]

Japan men’s national basketball team succeeds in the starting line and defeats Bahrain in enemy territory without losing the offensive spirit until the Basket Count at the end | Basket Account

Posture to keep attacking is shown in the last quarter The Japan Men’s National Basketball Team played against Bahrain in Window 5 of the World Cup Asian Regional Competitors. Japan’s starting pitchers are Yuki Togashi, Yutaro Suda, Aki Chambers, Tenketsu Harimoto, and Luke Evans. Japan took the lead with Harimoto’s free throw, which earned a […]

Yuta Watanabe, who will host the opening of the 5th NBA season with the winning candidate Nets, predicts how to use him and the role he will be required to play – Basket Count | Basket Account

A defense that brings momentum to the team and a leading running role Yuta Watanabe joins the Nets opening roster. After spending two years with the Grizzlies and two years with the Raptors, Watanabe will enter his fifth season in the NBA. Watanabe, whose contract with the Raptors has expired, joined the Nets on a […]