Pan-Pansikorn reveals songwriting skills Show the smooth feeling in the song Cheese (Cheese) OST The Cheese Sisters : Maya Channel

Pun-Pansikorn, a complete solo singer from Independent Records, planned, wrote lyrics and composed the first melody for the song Cheese(Caws) OST. The soundtrack of Cheese Sisters reflects the love that complements each other. Emotionally touching all online streaming All leading radio waves throughout Thailand The classy solo singer Pun-Pansikorn revealed Tiyakorn under Independent Records (Independent […]

Major joins rock stars to open a spooky dimension for Halloween : Mayan Channel

Major Cineplex Group is teaming up with Rockstar, a new energy drink, to open a spooky dimension for the Halloween season. The moment when the world can experience the world of ghosts through parallel universes with “MULTIVERSE OF HORROR 2022” from 24-31 October 2022. Come and experience the terrifying “dare” or “fear” at Major Cineplex. […]