The tens of billions of projects are shut down, and investors are hard to find!Let professionals do professional things to avoid unfinished chip projects

Original title: Let professionals do professional things to avoid unfinished chip projects Summary [The tens of billions of projects are shut down, and investors are hard to find! Let professionals do professional work to prevent chip projects from being unfinished]Earlier, major media had reported unfinished and chaotic chip projects in some places, such as the […]

When will the currency tycoon Xu Mingxing be arrested on the exchange of the “monitoring and stealing” chaos?

Original Title: When Xu Mingxing, a big coin in the currency circle, is arrested Summary [When will the currency tycoon Xu Mingxing be arrested in the exchange’s “guard and self-pirate” chaos]The exchange is the only existence in the currency circle that can take both big and small. On October 16, OKEx’s official website issued a […]

Netflix jokingly launches “The King of the Tiger” Carole Baskin for “Unsolved Mysteries” and Twitter goes wild

Netflix by Unresolved mysteries the restart was another success for the streaming service and they may have an idea for another episode. In a fun Sunday tweet, Netflix jokingly launched an episode focused on Carole Baskin, one of the subjects of her hit documentary series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. An entire episode of […]

chaos in via Ugo Bassi, arrested 20 year old

The police arrested a 20-year-old PA, residing in the city, for attempted multi-aggravated theft. It happened Sunday 28 June at 18 in via Ugo Bassi. According to the reconstruction, he spotted an 86 year old with walking difficulties, at number 21 and followed him into the hall of the building to steal his wallet. The […]

Cyberpunk 2077: Sowing chaos like GTA is possible, but players won’t dwell on it

If one of the main attractions of Cyberpunk 2077 holds to its universe, through its characters and the history which it will make us live, the extent offered by Night City and its surroundings has inevitably enough to give desires to sow disorder there. In the same way that we try to disturb public order […]

Confident NRL season to go as usual after AFL season thrown into chaos by Queensland Health restrictions on teams facing Victorian rivals

Queensland Health announced Monday that it will impose 14-day quarantine periods on state sports teams that face Melbourne’s rivals. He forced AFL will tinker with its planning. Richmond was scheduled to play West Coast at the Metricon Stadium in Gold Coast on Thursday evening. The Tigers are expected to stay in Victoria and play in […]

Sports calendar in chaos expected to increase in Victorian Covid-19 cases | AFL

The outbreak of the Covid-19 cases in Victoria and the new strict quarantine regulations issued by the Queensland government have threatened to plunge the recently restarted football seasons into chaos, as the AFL is forced to change at the last minute. this week’s schedule. Victoria announced 75 new cases of coronavirus on Monday, and the […]

A swarm of 25,000 bees invades the family’s trampoline, causing “24 hours of chaos”

A swarm of 25,000 bees invaded a family garden after invading their children’s trampoline while looking for a new hive. Phobe insect Matthew Grice, 50, noticed an “ immense ” hum and a black cloud flying over the house before gradually invading the family’s trampoline in their garden in Barnsley, south of Yorks. Matthew, his […]

Liguria, construction sites and traffic: queues and chaos on the weekend highways

Another difficult weekend is expected on the roads of Liguria – starting from today Friday, the movements towards the holiday resorts are very intense and overlap with ordinary traffic. But to make the situation difficult there are a series of construction sites, both along the A10 and A12, the two highways that run along the […]