Something never happened there, our privacy was affected – Abhilash Kumar

Entertainment news Something never happened there, and our privacy was affected: Abhilash Kumar Behind the Woods has released a video of Chattambi’s film crew apologizing for Srinath Bhasi’s disrespectful behavior towards the anchor. Chattambi director Abhilash S. talks to Obscura Entertainment about the release of the video, which was taken without their knowledge. Kumar. “We […]

Serenath Bhasi Disagrees with banning online reviews on release day: Srinath Bhasi

Actor Sreenath Bhasi does not agree with banning online reviews on release days. But the trend of giving news against the film is deliberately not correct. Srinath Bhasi said that giving reviews as audience response during the cut of the film is also wrong. He was speaking at a press conference organized for the promotion […]