“Aerin” reveals the pre-wedding photo “Hi-So Bench” counting down the wedding day

The girl’s wedding is approaching. Erin Yuktatat with love Benja BencharongkunThe latest (22 Nov.) Erin Posted a sweet pre-wedding photo with a girlfriend Counting down to the wedding day with the caption saying msgstr “Official countdown starts NOW! T-10days #AirBeNB #anywherewithbenja” with pre-wedding photos of the couple Erin-Ben that’s sweet and cool Because it becomes […]

“DJ Nui”, her mother ordered not to bring men into the house. Secretly hides 7 CCTV cameras to monitor children’s lives.

Another colorful entertainment industry that has continuously made people smile. For DJ’s signature bangs DJ Nui-Thanawat Prasitsomporn From entertainment reporters to EFM radio programs until being touched by the mother DJ Moddam Kachapha Being Jaden, becoming a legend in the entertainment industry, the event is very crowded. But no matter how lucky in the game, […]

Chuen Muen “Aui Buddha Bless” led a beautiful lover into the wedding door.

It’s a good time to be single again. for young singers Oui-Natee Ekwichit or Ui Buddha Blessing At the latest (October 20) has already led a beautiful lover outside the industry to enter the wedding door at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel. by the marriage of Ui Buddha Blessing It was beautifully arranged, elegant […]

Please explain in detail “Oat Pramote” has been suffering from panic disorder for 2 years and has to take medication every time he rides a plane.

has received tremendous support from fans For a young 37-year-old artist Pathan Ceirch-Pramote Since coming out to reveal symptoms of illness because Panic Disorder which affects life so much that many people who heard the news were worried Recently, the reporters had the opportunity to meet him at the concert’s press conference. 4 separate the […]