The worker who was in a hurry to urinate was released on the spot and was hit by a woman who saw him and demanded compensation of 13,000 yuan: This is the custom in my hometown | International | QUANTITY

It’s so weird! A worker in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, was working on a construction site, he found a hidden place to solve the problem due to emergency urination, but he was seen by a female worker. He called the police, and the result was revealed. According to comprehensive land media reports, the incident happened in […]

Pulling construction without preparation… Samsung Bio is silent

◀ anchor ▶ We reported on the fact that workers at the construction site of Samsung Biologics Plant 4 were getting sick while lying around the plant and holding back their toilet due to the lack of rest facilities and toilets. Reporter Ji Yoon-soo covered how the construction sites of top-tier companies were so poor. […]